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From tyrannicide:
"Free, or Drug-Free - America can't be both." -- unattributed

# MudPuppy at The High Road - Poison Summer--fiction (lights out inspired me) - a serialized novel. The first nine chapters are available. Invisible armor, dead senators, war in Korea. A pretty good read. [highroad]

# Lawrence S. Wittner at History News Network - George Bush's Addiction to Nuclear Weapons - article didn't impress me, but this paragraph is worth remembering whenever you hear the Busheviks talk about "bunker buster" nukes: [root]

But, undeterred by last year's rebuff, the Bush administration recently returned to Congress with a proposal for funding a new generation of "usable" nuclear weapons. These weapons are the so-called "bunker busters." Despite the rather benign name, the "bunker buster" is an exceptionally devastating weapon, with an explosive power of from several hundred kilotons to one megaton (i.e. a thousand kilotons). To put this in perspective, it should be recalled that the nuclear weapons that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki had explosive yields of from 14 to 21 kilotons. "These weapons will bust more than a bunker," remarked U.S. Senator Jack Reed. "The area of destruction will encompass an area the size of a city. They are really city breakers."

# The Libertarian Enterprise - Letter from M.R. Chapel - announcing www.tyrannicide.org, which will be officially launched on April 19. From the home page: [tle]

Subverting the Tyranny Meme

Tyrannicide - n. -The killing of a tyrant or despot.

Tyrannicide.org does not support, condone, or advocate the killing of anyone, tyrant or otherwise. The Buddha taught that one could kill enemies non-stop for weeks, months, even years on end and there would still be other enemies to take their place. But, when we destroy the concept of 'the enemy' we do away with all enemies, everywhere. In the same sense, one could kill the enemies of freedom, and there would always be more to replace them. Our goal therefore is to destroy the concept of tyranny, to eradicate the meme that allows us to accept the illusion of one person or group having 'authority' over any of us. To this end we will offer news, commentary and articles on any issue regarding freedom and the fight against encroaching tyranny. Reader submissions are welcome.

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