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# LRM Firearms - Girls with Guns - the source of Kim du Toit's hotty of yesterday. Her name is Carly. They've got more pictures of her, plus Tiffany and Marina Semenova, including a video with a full-auto M-169, a suppressed 9mm upper for an M-16 lower (also comes in .40 S&W and .45 ACP). Their Legal Stuff page is a good summary of rules about transfer of machine guns and short-barreled rifles and shotguns, including this interesting tidbit:
CORPORATE OWNERSHIP: In some areas it is difficult to get a law enforement signature on the ATF form 4. To circumvent this problem, some people purchase the gun through a corporation. If you are a SOT payer acquiring a firearm from a private source, or if you are a private individual who is incorporated or is a senior officer in a corporation, you can acquire an NFA firearm on an ATF form 4 without the need for a law enforcement endorsement, photograph, or a fingerprint card. You still must pay the Federal Transfer Tax. If the gun is transferred to a corporation, it must be retained by the corporation until it is dissolved. AT such time the gun must be sold on a tax paid transfer, retitled to someone on a tax paid transfer, or surrendered to the BATF.

# Steven Yates at LewRockwell.com - As Tax Slavery Day Approaches ... (Ruminations on Ownership) - Mr. Yates has a bunch of thoughts on filling out his federal tax forms. Think you own anything, even your life? This is Amerika. Think again. [lew]

These are my thoughts as I muddle through the W-4's in front of me, working on accounting to my owners in Rome on the Potomac for every cent I took in last year. By the way, folks, please save your emails about how the 16th Amendment wasn't properly ratified or how there isn't a specific law that says I have to pay an income tax because the tax is "voluntary" or that my wages aren't really "income," etc., etc. It's not that such claims are necessarily invalid or wrong, but that they are irrelevant. Our political class stopped taking them seriously them long ago. Bringing them up is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Frivolous is the catchall term for all the legal and constitutional challenges to the income tax I am aware of. This is governmentese for, "We've got the upper hand and we damned well know it, so forget about it and go back to being good little sheep." Our political class does as it pleases -- rather like every other political class that has ever existed. (So much for American "exceptionalism.")

# Douglas McGray at Wired - The Bitter Pill - Buprenorphone (bupe) shows promise to help people end their heroin addiction. Unlike methadone, users don't feel sick or high while taking it. It's virtually impossible to overdose, and it doesn't show up on a drug test. Like heroin and methadone, however, it is physically addicting. Sounds like a godsend, but, due to "help" from the gummint, it hasn't caught on; even though it doesn't have methadone's potential for abuse, clinics can only legally provide it one dose at a time. It's being marketed, pretty much all alone, by two NYC residents, Lloyd Sederer, New York City's deputy executive commissioner for health and mental hygiene, and Andrew Kolodny, a city health department psychiatrist. [gunner]

In the early 1990s, when bupe began its slow path toward FDA approval, it faced more obstacles than the average drug. Until the early 20th century, you could order just about any narcotic you wanted from the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalog: morphine, heroin, opium. But in 1914, Congress passed the Harrison Narcotic Act, barring doctors from prescribing opiates to known addicts. Congress amended the act in 1966 to permit methadone as an addiction treatment and again in 2000, to allow doctors to prescribe bupe. But it tacked on strict conditions in 2000, partly in response to methadone's troubled history.

# Gazette State Bureua via Prison Planet and Godlike Productions - Montana Bucks Patriot Act - Montana's House passed yesterday SJ 19, a "Resolution on the USA PATRIOT Act", which recommends, amongst other things, that Montana law enforcement agencies do not participate with federal agents in U.S.A. T.R.A.I.T.O.R. Act actions which infringe on Montana citizens' rights. No force of law here, but a good gesture. [smith2004]

# Numrich Gun Parts Coporation bills themselves as the "World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Parts and Accessories". They're not exagerating. They have complete parts sets for hundred of guns, indexed to the schematics. Plus lots more. Added to my Arms Manufacturers page.

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