Message to Cops: Ignore Bad "Laws"

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 28 Mar 2005 13:00:00 GMT
# J. Croft at Godlike Productions - Message To The American Police Officer - too bad most cops are too dumb to understand this. Or too in love with "law and order" to ignore illegal and immoral "laws".
That's right; modern American policing is destroying America. It's a preening cult of overtestosteroned man-children; 'cowboys' looking for the slightest excuse to wreck some lives to make busts for the 'law'.



A rich man's game as it takes a rich man to go through eight years of law school and college and a hundred grand in tuition to become a lawyer. A move to keep as much of the people the laws are targeted against from learning their convoluted rules as possible, and still maintain this fiction that their 'laws' come from the People.

It hasn't sunk in that the law is one of America's worst rackets?


So that leaves one person left, one safeguard remaining from the state confronting another innocent victim-you.

YOU are the people's last line of defense from a out of control state!

It's your choice: stand with the People or stand against them!

The time is NOW to choose! More tyrannical law is being passed by more and more tyrannical lawyers and other sycophant bureaucrats. Enforced by tyrannical bureaucrats mistakenly armed and sworn, they cause more and more people to HATE YOU. This added hatred, along with the increasingly technostalinist bent of our "laws" will make YOU a TARGET for those unable to "cope" with the loss of their Freedom. A target literally.

For the sake of our Children, our Nation and your own ability to look in the mirror without recoiling in shame, resist.


Your third duty: shielding the People as best you can from the ravages of the laws lawyers pass. Look into your heart--if you are with God, you will know which laws are sensible(stopping murder, rape, robbery, reckless drivers, crack dealers selling to grade school kids). The rest(niggling regulations, laws that rob people of their rights) must not be enforced. They must be IGNORED.

Ignoring as best you can, because your supervisors watch you to make certain you do your job as proscribed by them. You're in a bad spot, and sometimes you will be forced to pick your battles. Sometimes you won't be able to directly help someone about to get steamrolled by the state. You'll have to surreptitiously get evidence of their innocence and get it to a attorney willing to fight for their freedom. Sometimes you'll encounter a scumbag son of a bitch-who's shielded by the local powers-that-be. That person might even wear the same badge and uniform as you. Here is where you shall have a real gut check: what if there isn't a way to stop this bastard legally? What if this state sanctioned criminal plants dope to cause a raid and asset forfeiture seizure? What if this human sized cockroach is going to whack a 'troublemaker'; someone working for Freedom just like you?

How far will you go to do something about it? And can you do it smarter-as in being able to get away with it? There are people who know of these things, and one or two even wrote books on the subject if you can't get a hold of that someone. Beyond that I dare not say what you should do, except that it needs doing, and nobody's doing it at all.

# L. Reichard White at The Libertarian Enterprise - Just Another Drug-related Shooting? - commentary on the Red Lake shooting. The Brady Bunch, of course, are blaming it on the guns, but it's more likely that prescription drugs or gummint schools are to blame. [tle]

# Ian at Wolfe's Blog - Range Report: Shooting concrete blocks - your blogispondent reports on shooting concrete blocks with various handgun and rifle calibers. [claire]

Overall, it seems to me that a concrete block wall would be pretty good cover against all but the heaviest calibers in a gunfight. All the pistol calibers would take quite a few rounds to break through, particularly if they didn't all hit in nearly the same spot. Even the 7.62x39 took enough that if one was firing on you, you would have time to move a few feet one way or another before a section of the wall was gone. However, the .308 would take only two or three rounds to make a legitimate hole in the wall and put a round into whatever was behind it.

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