Six Hundred Songs and Counting

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 18 Mar 2005 13:00:00 GMT
From smith2004:
"An oppressive government is more to be feared than a tiger." -- Confucius

# eBaum's World - Michael Jackson - Never Copped a Feel - Flash animation satire. Michael Jackson does a song and dance for the court. Hehe. [smith2004]

Hey little Billy with the high tops on
Check out this nudie mag but please don't tell your mom

Let's have a party at Neverland
Pay no attention to where I put my gloved hand.

The trains and animals and rides are free
Come ride my ferris wheel where nobody can see

Now drink some more of this jesus juice
And come to bed with me

I never copped a feel
(he never copped a feel)
Or touched a little boy
(or touched your little boy)
I don't molest little kids now baby... hoo!
(he won't molest your kids)
It doesn't bring me joy
(it doesn't bring him joy)


These allegations are dirty lies
I'd never lay a hand on those little guys

We slept together platonically
Ain't that what grown ups do?

[repeat chorus]

# songs-050317 is a sample of what I've been listening to over the last few days. iTunes keeps track. It's been really nice getting reacquainted with my CD collection. I've got over 600 songs on my iPod now, with another week of recording to do before I'll have all the CDs I want on it.

# Andrew Rogers at Strike the Root - Important News and Offers from Strike The Root! STR is $1,000 in the red. If you can afford it, please consider making a donation or buying one of their stickers. [root]

Stop Killing People

# Thomas L. Knapp at Strike the Root - The Anarchist Inside - we may never manage to completely kill the state, but it will never manage to kill our individuality either.

IngSoc, the government of Orwell's Oceania , operates on fear. Not on fear of riot or uprising, but fear that so much as a molecule of potential for such might be left in existence. The superstate is not safe so long as anything -- anything -- remains beyond its reach. And fear, in turn, is also the superstate's weapon: It is used to preemptively snuff out those inconvenient, kindling flames of individualism.

That's why I'm optimistic.

Yes, I just said what you thought I just said.

While some would hold (incorrectly, I maintain) that the stateless society is an unachievable goal, how much more unachievable is the elimination of every last vestige of human independence?

Look around you. If you meet a hundred people today, 99 of them will, upon close examination, prove to be anarchists.

# Skype has two new services, currently in beta testing. Skype Voicemail saves calls when you're busy or not logged in. €15 per year or €5 for three months. Skypein allows you to buy a plain old telephone network number (or two or three). Regular phone network calls to that number will ring Skype on your computer. €30 per year or €10 for three months. Includes a Skype Voicemail box. Works only on Windows during the beta period, not Mac or Linux, (though the last answer in the Skypein FAQ says that there is now a beta for the Macintosh). I went through a long rigamarol last night to pay €10 for SkypeOut. Left voice mail for my Mom and a friend in Wyoming, and talked to my niece in Hawaii. The price was right (2¢ a minute to western Europe and the Continental U.S. About 2.5¢ a minute to Hawaii), but the quality wasn't as good as my wired phone. Started getting drop-outs at the end of the Hawaii conversation, and my niece thought I sounded sick. My headset microphone works great in the "Sound Recorder" app on my machine, so I conclude that Skype is the culprit here. I've always had great quality in Skype-to-Skype calls. Too bad.

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