Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 14 Mar 2005 13:00:00 GMT
# I almost bought an Apple iPod Shuffle yesterday, but decided I needed to research it better before purchase. $99 for 512 megabytes, $149 for a gig. It's a little bigger than a stick of gum and has no display. You can play all the songs in playlist order or randomly. There's no way other than skipping through them to find a particular song. It's formatted as FAT32, the old Windows standard, and you can split the space between file storage and music. When I told my wife I almost bought one, she said she wasn't using her iPod, so I now have the use of that. Not as easy to carry around as the shuffle, but lots more backup space and fine for my car, which is the only place I listen to music without my computer handy to play it.

# I watched Constantine yesterday afternoon at the local movie theater. Keanu Reeves plays a psychic who does exorcisms in an effort to redeem his teenage suicide. Good special effects. Probably not a good story for folks with no religious/spiritual beliefs, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

# Anthony Gregory at The Libertarian Enterprise - Conservatives and the Second Amendment - conservatives talk the talk about preserving our gun rights, but when a Republican like Bushnev is in power, they walk with him the other direction. [tle]

George W. Bush has committed every atrocity of King George's empire, only on a much grander scale. To put it bluntly, President George makes King George look like George Mason.

# Rabbi R. Mermelstein at Gun Owners Alliance - Weapons and Self Defense in Jewish Law - a good read for everyone, but especially useful for your Jewish friends who might be unaware that Jewish law approves the killing of a thief who breaks into your house and requires the defense of innocent life. [scopeny]

# Fred Reed at - Flee! - Fred recommends that you escape your credit slavery and move to a free country, while you still can. [clairefiles]

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