Vanishing Point

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 24 Mar 2005 13:00:00 GMT
From The Federalist:
"The U.S. Senate passed a bankruptcy law that makes it tougher to escape credit card bills. It's high time. If people want to spend money they don't have and run up debts they can't repay they will have to run for Congress like everybody else." -- Argus Hamilton
"Congress is investigating steroid use in baseball. Apparently we've cured cancer and all the other problems of the world so now were starting on this one." -- Jay Leno

# My DVD of Vanishing Point arrived yesterday. Viewed it last night. Recommended. Man did I hate the cops by the end of the movie (of course, I already hate cops, so it was only a change in degree). I ordered it from jcatdeluxe in NYC, one of the "used & new" sellers. Saved money that way.

# Greg Palast and Eric Bosse - Anybody Using This First Amendment? - Mr. Bosse, of AlterNet, interviews Mr. Palast. Haven't read this yet. [cafe]

# Jomama told me that he got a trojan from Ares P2P. If you already installed it, my apologies. Jomama said that Giant got rid of it for him. [jomama]

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