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From highroad:
"If guns cause crime, all mine are defective." -- The Nuge

# - The Difference Between Shit and Shinola: Clearly Defined, Once and For All - for some reason, "shinola" came to mind yesterday, and I realized that though the phrase, "doesn't know shit from shinola," was in my head, I had no idea what "shinola" was. Google to the rescue (it's a shoe polish that is no longer manufactured). [google]

# Butler Shaffer at - Disconnecting the State's Feeding Tubes - the state is brain-dead, has been for centuries. Stop feeding it, and let it die. [sunni]

While I have long regarded debates as a waste of time, it would be an undeserved compliment to regard the Schiavo political/media debacle as an intellectually-grounded analysis of competing viewpoints. What could be more ludicrous than the spectacle of conservatives prattling their "pro-life" party line on behalf of Terri Schiavo, as they continue to conduct their war upon Iraqi civilians abroad, and defend capital punishment at home? Not to be outdone in absurdity are the liberals, who wrap themselves in the mantle of "pro-choice," even as they espouse the imposition of political mandates upon people who do not choose to be burdened. The modern political "debate" is not unlike visiting the primate building at a zoo and listening to the cacophonous shrieking coming from both sides of the house! Nothing but mischief, therefore, should have been expected from allowing the state to define "life."

# Roedy Green at Canadian Mind Products 9/11 Was an Inside Job - analysis and lots of links. Lots more interesting stuff on Mr. Green's politics page. Unfortunately, he believes in global warming.

Most Americans dismiss the notion 9/11 could have been an inside job. It was just too monstrous a crime. Yet Bush committed a far larger crime, crying wolf about Iraq being about to nuke the USA with drones in order to panic the country into starting a war with Iraq. The death toll from that crime was perhaps 40 times larger, so Bush is certainly capable of evil on that magnitude.


If you read this page and the other pages on this website that this page links to and also the offsite links it points to, it will utterly shatter your faith in the American government. The men in power are more evil than your worst nightmares. This is not new. It is just that the Internet has made it easier to expose the corruption that routinely goes on in high places and passes unnoticed. If you are normal, you will close your eyes and say "That is just too awful. It could not possibly be true." You may dismiss my sources. I urge you to use to do your own checking on any point you think is doubtful. That is the only way to hear both sides of the story. There are usually hundreds of sources for each fact. I have typically provided at most one source. If you don't like mine, check out to see if a source you do trust confirms or denies my assertion. If you chase all the links you will eventually find the source of any fact I have asserted here. I am just now going back and adding sources to each individual assertion. Again, I urge you to do your own research. Don't rely on just one source. With google it is easy, just a few keywords will bring up hundreds of articles you can evaluate for yourself.

It is scary when you begin to realise that the people in charge are murderers and thieves without conscience. You feel like a traitor for even entertaining such notions. You feel afraid that if you hold such notions you too will be in danger. It takes courage to follow logic rather than the herd.

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