March 2005

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Tuesday, 1 March: The Penalty for Kidnapping Is Death

Wednesday, 2 March: Vaccination Considered Harmful Thursday, 3 March: NewOffice/J Friday, 4 March: Free Kids Make a Free Country Saturday, 5 March: The McCain-Feingold Insurrection Sunday, 6 March: Getcher Banners Here Monday, 7 March: Alan Yurko, Finally Free Tuesday, 8 March: Fly a 2A Flag Wednesday, 9 March: Scamming the Nigerians Back Thursday, 10 March: Only Cops Should Have Guns... Not! Friday, 11 March: Funk #49 Saturday, 12 March: iTunes Sunday, 13 March: EJB 3.0 Monday, 14 March: Constantine Tuesday, 15 March: Ides of March, 2005 Wednesday, 16 March: Mailinator Thursday, 17 March: Sunni's Salon, Busting Pseudo-Scientific Myths Friday, 18 March: Six Hundred Songs and Counting Saturday, 19 March: M19 2005, Two Years of Unjustified War on Iraq Sunday, 20 March: Spring's A-Comin' Monday, 21 March: Skype Again Tuesday, 22 March: Freebird! Wednesday, 23 March: The People's Repugnance of Massachusetts Thursday, 24 March: Vanishing Point Friday, 25 March: The Countess and The Guru Saturday, 26 March: 12.7mm Liberty Sunday, 27 March: Shinola Monday, 28 March: Message to Cops: Ignore Bad "Laws" Tuesday, 29 March: So What the Fuss Wednesday, 30 March: Happy B'Day Vincent & Eric Thursday, 31 March: Hillary Will Pussy Whip bin Laden

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