So What the Fuss

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 29 Mar 2005 13:00:00 GMT
From The Federalist:
"Let's start off talking about the entrepreneur with a brief discussion of the sources of income. Some of the rhetoric one hears gives the impression that income is somehow distributed -- that there's a dealer of dollars. Thus, one might think that the reason some Americans have more income than others is that the dollar dealer is a racist, a sexist or a multi-nationalist who deals out dollars unfairly. Alternatively, some suggest that the reason that some Americans are richer than others is because they got to the pile of money first and took an unfair share. In either case, justice requires that government take the ill-gotten gains of the few and restore them to their rightful owners -- in other words, redistribute income. While no one actually describes the sources of income this way, the logic of their arguments for redistribution implies such a vision. ... I might add that income redistribution is simply a legal version of what a thief does -- namely, take the rightful property of one person for the benefit of another. The primary distinction between his behavior and that of Congress is legality." -- Walter Williams

# I got a free iTunes tune in a Pepsi bottle cap yesterday. Redeemed it for Stevie Wonder's new single, So What the Fuss. If you've got Windows Media Player or Real Player (or a clone of either), you can listen to the whole thing via a link on that page. Betcha can't listen and not dance.

The album containing this song, A Time to Love, is available as an import for $30. I'll wait for the May 3 release of the American version for $12.

# R. Colin Johnson at EE Times - Nanotubes promise fuel from water - sunlight + nanotubes + catalyst = electrolysis. Still in the labs, but if it works, it could enable solar-powered fuel cells. Some Sandia Labs researchers expect to have a prototype by 2006. [smith2004]

# John Farnam's Quips - 24Mar05: Situational Awareness, from one of our instructors in WA - good, practical, lesson in paying attention to your surroundings.

# John Farnam's Quips - 23Mar05: Your new M4 Case - recommends the FirstAct electric guitar case, available at Wal*Mart for $20 (but not on their web site) or via mail-order from FirstAct for $33, as low-profile transport for a short-barreled rifle or shotgun.

Stylish, durable, heavy duty case fits most electric guitars. Padded for guitar protection and secure fit. Backpack design with comfortable shoulder straps. Rugged cushioned carrying handle. Bungee strapping for large accessories.

# John Farnam's Quips - 11Mar05: On the treatment of gunshot wounds - extols the virtues of the Israeli Battle Dressing (IBD), manufactured by First Care Products.

I keep IBDs in my briefcase, range bag, cars, and office. All my children have them and know how to use them. Cheap insurance!

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