Judge Murders Trial by Jury in Philly

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 30 Apr 2005 12:00:00 GMT
From clairefiles:
"Power takes as ingratitude the writhing of its victims." -- R. Tagore

# I did a Google search for "end war" to see how high I came, and I found endhate.org. Very nice. Copied below. I wish it were that simple. [google]

What if we all decided, starting right now ... that the color of our skins' didn't matter?

or religion?

or nationality?

or ideology?

What if we stopped being afraid?

Think about it for a minute ... maybe it wouldn't be that hard to live in peace?

Maybe it's just that simple.

It's estimated that there are 605,000,000 people on earth with internet access. If 100,000,000 see this message can they make a difference? Forward this. Maybe it's just that simple.

# Emilie Lounsberry and John Shiffman at The Philadelphia Enquirer - Juror in corruption case ousted BugMeNot - so it begins. After eleven days of deliberation, the judge questioned the jurors and decided that one of them was biased against the government, so he threw her off the jury, picked a new juror, and instructed the jury to begin deliberations anew. Assuming he doesn't respond to my recommendation below, District Judge Michael M. Baylson must be impeached. If he remains on the bench, the republic is truly dead. his ruling is here (PDF). The Federal Judicial Center has a page on Judge Baylson, which says that he was appointed by President Bush. Figures. Baylson's address, from here and here, is:

Michael M. Baylson
United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania
U.S. Courthouse
601 Market Street, Room #3810
Philadelphia, PA 19106
I wrote the following letter. It's in a envelope on my car seat, but I haven't decided yet whether to mail it. Mabe there's something Baylson can do to remove his ruling from the record. That, and much sincere apology, might satisfy me. There's also the possibility that he might go after me. I don't think my letter is a threat, but the fedgoons might see it that way. I suppose I could write a more reasonable letter, but it appears that Baylson has reasoned himself into the place he is now. I doubt I'm going to convince him otherwise. Only a sharp shock has any possibility of rousing him, and I doubt that would work. Sigh...
Mr. Baylson:

I have just read the Philadelphia Enquirer's story about your dismissal from a jury of Margaret W. Szewczyk. I also read your April 28 "Memorandum re Excuse of Juror No. 11." You disgust me. You have tampered with a jury, the only thing, besides our guns, that protects the people from the government. You have grossly exceeded your authority. You have pounded the final nail into the coffin of our once proud republic. May you rot in hell.

If you have any remaining honor, you will put down this letter, march to your gun safe, take out your shotgun, load it, put the muzzle in your mouth, and pull the trigger. If I do not see news of your suicide, I will know that you indeed have no honor and are no longer to be considered a member of the human race.


# Kim du Toit - Sharp Stuff: The Big Guys - Kim tells us about his four favorite sheath knives. Yum. [kimdutoit]

# Apple Computer - Mac OS X version 10.4 (Tiger) was released yesterday. $129 for a single user license. It ships with Java 1.4.2_07, but you can upgrade to Java 5.0. [cafe]

# Sun - Java 5.0 update 3 is available. This is a bug fix release. [cafe]

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