Police = Standing Army

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# Apple has the Serenity trailer. Full screen version requires iTunes. You can download it from here. [smith2004]

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Yeah, I understand the theory that cops are civilians, too. I repeat that it's bullshit. What they are, in fact, is an occupying military force, with strategic bases in every hamlet in the nation -- which is why they and their hangers-on lie to us and possibly to themselves about being civilians, too.

They are the very standing army that the Founding Fathers were afraid of.

And for good reason.

-- L. Neil Smith

# George Potter at The Claire Files Board - Roberta, Full Story - Mr. Potter wrote parts one and two of this story a while back, but had left us hanging for the conclusion. Me like. [clairefiles]

# Manuel Roig-Franzia at The Washington Post - Fla. Gun Law to Expand Leeway for Self-Defense BugMeNot - it seems that Florida slipped one under the radar of the Brady Bunch. For some reason they don't understand that if somebody comes at you with a knife, he has forfeit his right to life, and you are completely justified in shooting him dead, no questions asked. Fortunately, the Florida legislature understands the reality of the situtation. Bravo! [trt-ny]

The Florida measure says any person "has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm."

Florida law already lets residents defend themselves against attackers if they can prove they could not have escaped. The new law would allow them to use deadly force even if they could have fled and says that prosecutors must automatically presume that would-be victims feared for their lives if attacked.

The overwhelming vote margins and bipartisan support for the Florida gun bill -- it passed unanimously in the state Senate and was approved 94 to 20 in the state House, with nearly a dozen Democratic co-sponsors -- have alarmed some national gun-control advocates, who say a measure that made headlines in Florida slipped beneath their radar.


[Florida lobbyist Marion P.] Hammer, a 4-foot-11 dynamo with a national reputation for her persuasive powers, dismissed the papers as "liberal, anti-gunners" and "Chicken Littles." The current law unfairly forces Floridians to make split-second decisions about a criminal's intent, she said, and NRA lobbyists like to note that was deemed impossible generations ago by legendary Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes. "Detached reflection," Holmes said in one of his most oft-quoted pronouncements, "cannot be demanded in the presence of an uplifted knife."

# Tom McClintock - Freedom and Firearms - a speech given by Senator McClintock in June of 2001. Nice talk. Let's see the walk. Mr. McClintock is the guy who should have been elected governor of California. He's now running for Lieutenant Governor. [codrea]

# David Stout at The New York Times - Justices Side With Gun Owner Who Concealed Arrest in Japan BugMeNot - Every now and then, The Supremes get it right. News Flash: US law applies only to the US. If you're convicted of a felony in Japan, you can still buy guns in America. [scopeny]

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