Jefferson's Ideology, Hamilton's Government

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From The Federalist:
"Digging deeper, reporters will find that (newly-elect Pope Joseph) Ratzinger was involuntarily enrolled in the Hitler youth in 1941 when it became mandatory for all boys. He was 14-years-old at the time and soon thereafter was able to leave the organization to study for the priesthood. Four years later, as defeat closed in on the Nazi regime, Young Ratzinger was drafted and forced to assist with an anti-aircraft gun and dig anti-tank trenches. But he soon risked death by deserting. If that tells us anything about the new pope, it's that he will not fight for a cause he does not believe in, but will risk everything for one that he does." -- Brendan Miniter
"Conservative elected officials increasingly find themselves caught between two impulses: the revolutionary ideas that brought them into power and the need to explain and defend the institutions they inherited. And the longer these good men and women stay in office, the more likely they will be to defend the very bureaucracies and policies against which they once campaigned. The goal to transform government will be gradually overwhelmed by contentment with merely presiding over it." -- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich

# The Serenity movie trailer should be available today on Apple's Movie Trailers page. I don't see it this morning. [smith2004]

# Vin Suprynowicz at The Las Vegas Review-Journal - The mechanics for causing worldwide inflation - How FDR debased America's currency, causing massive inflation that continues to this day.

"On June 5, 1933, Roosevelt signed a resolution he had introduced in Congress, nullifying the gold clause in all government and private contracts. It meant what it said -- that no one had the right to demand payment in gold for any debt. ('The Last Great Bubble -- Counterfeiting the Dollar,' M. A. Nystrom, ... When Roosevelt asked Senator Thomas P. Gore from Oklahoma what he thought of the resolution, the blind statesman replied: 'Why, that's just plain stealing, isn't it Mr. President?' ('Economics and the Public Welfare,' Benjamin M. Anderson, D. Van Nostrand Company, New York, 1949, p. 319.)


"Government's policy of debasing our money ... hit full stride under Roosevelt. As the world's reserve currency since 1945, the U.S. dollar has been playing the part of gold in international trade. ... Has a managed fiat currency enhanced our prosperity?" Smith asks. "A dollar in 2001 was roughly equivalent to five cents in 1901. But a dollar in 1901 had the same value as $1.50 in 1801!

# Thomas L. Knapp at Strike the Root - You Can Write It Down... - why the U.S. Constitution was a dead letter from the day of its ratification.

In fact, the Constitution was "originally intended" to seduce American liberty back under the yoke of the state; it was "strictly constructed" as a charter of authority versus freedom; and any notions to the contrary were driven "into exile" from the very beginning. The suppression of the Whiskey Rebellion and the Alien and Sedition Acts soon followed. The Supreme Court's usurpation, in Marbury v. Madison, of the power to interpret an allegedly plain charter were nothing more than ribbons and bows affixed to the gift of power for the political class. Final delivery of that gift took awhile -- the knock on the door was probably the War Between the States -- but delivered it was.

We got screwed. It's just that simple. A successful revolution was followed by a successful counter-revolution . . . and the counter-revolutionaries conveniently forgot to let us know. They were content, and still are, to humor the serfs. After all, a man who thinks he's free hasn't much incentive to rebel for his freedom, does he?

# David Codrea - Viagra Falls or Falling On Hard Times - one the hypocracy of pushing Viagra while supporting the war on some drugs. [codrea]

Let's declare a War on Viagra and appoint a federal "czar" (perhaps a reformed Mr. Dole?) to mastermind the assault against this insidious threat! Let's thrill to Ninja-clad government shock troops breaking down some WWII vet's door and, if he's lucky, only dragging the old boy off in shackles. And perhaps, once he sees his house and life savings seized without benefit of due process, and the realization sinks in that he's probably going to die in prison and leave his wife destitute and broken, the thought might dawn on him:

"How did this happen? This is supposed to be America."

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