The Bill of Priveleges

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 04 Apr 2005 12:00:00 GMT
# Edgar J. Steele - The Living Bill of Rights - Wow! A tour de force (and no Jew hating). Mirrored here. Kinda makes you wanna spit on your hands, hoist the black flag, and start slitting throats. [clairefiles]
While I often jest or exaggerate to make a point in my writings, please understand that what follows is neither. The following reflects my understanding of the current state of the Bill of Rights, both personally and based upon my training, education and experience as a lawyer. I repeat: this is no joke.

# Terry Jones at The Observer - I remain, sir, Haggard of the Hindu Kush - billions of dollars, thousands of innocents dead, a severe curtailment of civil liberties, and what do the neoslime have to show for it? Osama bin Laden looked haggard in his last video, that's what. [cafe]

Well, many months later, who has paid for it? US taxpayers have stumped up billions of dollars. They've paid for it. So have the British taxpayers, for some reason which hasn't yet been explained to us. Uncounted thousands of innocent Afghan citizens have paid for it too - with their lives. I say 'uncounted' because nobody in the West seems to have been particularly interested in counting them. It's pretty certain more innocent people have died and are still dying in the bombing of Afghanistan than on 11 September, but the New York Times doesn't run daily biographies of them so they don't count.

Oh, I nearly forgot - we've all paid a considerable amount in terms of those precious civil liberties and freedoms that make our way of life in the Free World so much better than everyone else's. Bit of a conundrum that.

# Philip A. Luty at The Libertarian Enterprise - A Threat to Freedom of Speech in England - the author of The Home Gunsmith, a howto on building a simple machine pistol, and members of his family who had nothing to do with his book, were arrested by the British nazis, after destructive searches of their property revealed no illegal weapons. Mr. Luty, unfortunately, didn't kill any of them. [tle]

# Lady Liberty at The Libertarian Enterprise - The War on the Wrong - long screed against about the Brady Bunch. [tle]

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