May 2004

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 01 Jun 2004 12:03:23 GMT
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Saturday, 1 May: Mary Jane's Garden

Sunday, 2 May: M1A Trigger Hooks Monday, 3 May: The Peace Amendment Tuesday, 4 May: Sunnicrapistan Wednesday, 5 May: TFT Arrives Thursday, 6 May: New Hammer Received and Installed Friday, 7 May: Claire's Store Saturday, 8 May: Playing With Embedded Midi Sunday, 9 May: New Hammer Works Good Monday, 10 May: "Digital" Explained Tuesday, 11 May: Plastics! Wednesday, 12 May: Please Mama Gummint, May I Breathe Today? Thursday, 13 May: The Black Arrow Friday, 14 May: Amerika's War on Some Vegetables: $600 Per Second Saturday, 15 May: The NO CARB Diet for 2004 Sunday, 16 May: Liberty Requires Disobedience Monday, 17 May: The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook Tuesday, 18 May: Abolish The Federal Reserve Wednesday, 19 May: Life Explained Friday, 21 May: Countdown to Sunset of the Ugly Semi-Auto Rifle Ban Saturday, 22 May: F the FCC Sunday, 23 May: "Papieren Bitte" in Boston Monday, 24 May: Understanding Iraqi Resistance Tuesday, 25 May: Hunter's Trial Moved to Tomorrow Wednesday, 26 May: Capitalism Heals Thursday, 27 May: Chrysler Crossfire Friday, 28 May: NeuClear and Utilikilts Saturday, 29 May: The State Has Won Sunday, 30 May: LP Chooses Their Presidential Candidate Today Monday, 31 May: Memorial Day, 2004

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