Amerika's War on Some Vegetables: $600 Per Second

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 14 May 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From kaba:
"There is a crime wave of monumental proportions in America today. This criminal activity is an addiction fostered by black market profits and perpetrated by egotistical maniacs determined to control the lives of every citizen. The wealth and power of this criminal gang exceeds the collateral of the Nation. This cabal of megalomaniac insiders spreads it's tentacles into every crack and crevice of our daily lives. Who are these criminals you ask? They are our politicians, our judges and our police. It is high time we started our own war. A war against abuse of power." -- Uncle Bob

# Aaron Russo at Liberty for All - I have inhaled - a possible Libertarian Party candidate for president talks about the war on vegetables and what he'll do to end it should he be elected. The quote above is from the KABA comments on this story. [kaba]


There. I said it.

Of all the issues facing America, a common, harmless plant seems to be one of the toughest for our politicians to confront with honesty, integrity or even common sense.

Bill Clinton didn't inhale. Al Gore and George W. Bush shuffled their feet and referred to "youthful indiscretions."

My name is Aaron Russo, and I am not ashamed to say I have smoked marijuana. At least 70 million Americans have smoked marijuana. Millions of Americans continue to smoke marijuana occasionally, or even on a regular basis, with no ill effects.

No ill effects, that is, except those which their government inflicts upon them with its war on marijuana.

# DrugSense - Drug War Clock - $600 per second, one drug arrest every 20 seconds, one cannabis arrest every 43 seconds, 648 people imprisoned per day, 10 HIV infections per day caused by sharing dirty needles. []

# Clare Wolfe - Desire to smash a bureaucrat - Claire had to deal with a member of the species Bureaucrattus Officialis. She wanted to bean this sub-human who gives scum a bad name. I know exactly how she feels. That's why I make sure my wife talks to the i.r.s. vermin. If I talked to them, violence might result. [claire]

I'm a peaceful person. But I swear, for the first time in years I wanted to smash a person's f-----g face in. I walked out of that building thinking George Haydukian thoughts of payback. I won't smash. I won't seek revenge. Because to do either of those things simply lowers me to that woman's level.

But I swear, I do not know how so many of you deal with creatures like that one on a regular basis. In anything like a free society, she wouldn't be fit to get a job cleaning toilets in an inner-city park. And the control-freaks who decided the world needed that uselessly invasive piece of database entry wouldn't be fit to s--t in those toilets.

# In case you're a glutton for punishment, Cryptome has four links to the Berg beheading video, in Austria, Australia, a link to, which links to this copy at, and at (5.3 meg zip file containing Windows Media Player video). Cryptome itself had a copy, but downloads were swamping their server, so it was removed. Northeast Intelligence Network has a translation of the Arabic text from the web site that contained the original posting of the video. Scroll down to the picture or search for "beheads". "Incoherent" would describe it from my perspective. Not worth your time unless you satisfy the condition with which I started this paragraph. [clairefiles]

# - Different's M1A Site - an on-line book (Microsoft Word format) on the history and development of this fine battle rifle and an image gallery. [Frugal's Forums BugMeNot]

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