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Received in office email. Don't worry! Be happy!
Laurel & Hardy Dancing

# Rich Procter at Smirking Chimp - Republicans announce convention event schedule - hilarious satire. [smith2004]

CLIMAX OF THE EVENING -- DIEBOLD CORPORATION WILL ANNOUNCE ELECTION RETURNS - BUSH WINS RE-ELECTION WITH 51% OF VOTE (YET TO BE CAST). (JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA will certify vote results) Diebold Board member Wilbur H. Grafton will deny fraud, announce his retirement, and be named the new Ambassador to Jamaica. (Sponsored by Diebold)

# GeekWithA.45 - Live, From Freedom House! - the geek has his computer set up in the new house in Pennsylvania. Congrats, Mr. Geek! [geekwitha.45]

# Carl Bussjaeger - Ohio Final Stretch, Part Two: Continuous Letters - it's only three weeks (May 27) until Jeff "Hunter" Jordan's Ohio trial for carrying the handguns he is licensed by New Hampshire to carry concealed. Mr. Bussjaeger recommends sending letters to the prosecutor and the Ashland newspaper. [clairefiles]

# Frugal Squirrel - Lights Out - a SHTF novel in progress. PDF. Chapters 1-59 are available. Click here for High Road discussion. [highroad]

# Angel Shamaya at - Aaron Russo for the Libertarian Nomination -- and for President - KABA endorses Aaron. [kaba]

# Bartholomew Roberts at The High Road - Popular Mechanics Pro-Gun Editorial - Joe Oldham, the editor of Popular Mechanics, is a believer in the second amendment. Far out. There's a scan of the article included and a link to discussion. [highroad]

# Dorothy Anne Seese at Strike the Root - The Fallout of War - how long until the world's good people stop going along with wars created by their "leaders"? [root]

War is the lowest form of human group activity, not some heroic venture of the novels and the movies. It is the worst in man organized into a killing machine and either intentional or unintentional torture, or both. The American psyche may be able to take it at the movies, but Americans at home in the USA are not a people who can stand to see what war is really like when it enters our homes through television. It becomes too real. The problem is, war is indeed real, it is ugly, painful, barbaric, savage, bloody, the ultimate in disregard for the sanctity of life and respect for human beings. War is not just Hell, it is Hell soaked in blood, dismembered limbs, body parts, open guts and the agony of unspeakable pain from the wounded.


We've thought, because we were told in school and by the media, that Americans were above this brutality, which is prima facie evidence of our lack of education about the bloodiest war even fought in America, the so-called "Civil War" which was anything but civil. I prefer to call it either the "War Between the States" or more accurately, "The War of Northern Aggression." Nevertheless, a day's study on the internet about Sherman's march through Georgia will reveal just how outrageously brutal the North was toward the South. War doesn't have to be that brutal and "reconstruction" doesn't have to be that degrading, but both occurred on American soil. We really haven't been all that nice in the past, so it should come as no surprise that we're really not that nice now. It comes more as a shock to see that we've made utterly no progress, in fact, we've regressed because now our women no longer simply stay home and wait. They're on the combat lines and in charge of prisoners of war, generally men in other nations.

If any nation in this present day world had any respect left for America and its self-proclaimed righteousness, no nation will after what has happened due to our brutal tactics in the Middle East. The world will not see this as the acts of a few soldiers who weren't properly trained, but as the fallout and trickle-down of a policy of brutality that originated at the top with the signal to begin the war.

# Charley Reese - Clean Up Airwaves - Mr. Reese does not think the first amendment includes obscenity. At least not in the "public" airwaves. You should know that I don't believe there should be any "public" airwaves. It would work fine with a free market for frequency use. And once you own the bandwidth in a particular region, you broadcast whatever you wish on it. Those who don't like your content are not forced to watch it. Even wierder, Mr. Reese believes that the f.c.c. should regulate cable because the cable is laid in the "public" right-of-ways. Bizarre! Cable companies pay for the laying of their pipes, be they coax or fiber. There's nothing public about them. Whatever people want to pay for on their cable, as long as no crime is committed filming it, is nobody's business. Shame on you, Mr. Reese.

Congress ought to pass a law that greatly increases the fines for indecency and allows the FCC to yank a license for a second offense. Congress ought also to include cable and satellite broadcasts under the FCC jurisdiction. They both use the public facilities -- in one case, the public right of ways, and in the other, the airwaves. Cable is the entertainment cesspool, and it is the fear of losing audiences to cable that has caused the networks to dip their hands in the feces and smear a little bit on their shows.

# Drug War Chronicle - Announcing: The New Prohibition: Voices of Dissent Challenge the Drug War - Sheriff Bill Masters edits anti-drug-war opinions by himself, Richard Mack, Joseph McNamara, Jack Cole, John L. Kane, Ron Paul, Kurt Schmoke, Eric E. Sterling, David Kopel, Fatema Gunja, Nicolas Eyle, John Ross, Doug Casey, Michael Huemer, Ari Armstrong, Paul Armentano, Keith Stroup, Jeffrey Miron, Jeffrey A. Singer, Ron Crickenberger, Jason P. Sorens, and David Borden, with a foreward by Jesse Ventura. Available with a $25 or greater donation to [drcnet]

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