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# effengee at The High Road - A true gun story... You'll all laugh - what happens when a NYC "lady" runs into a bunch of regular Joes in Vermont. Hehe. [highroad]

# Preacherman at The High Road - This is great! Unarmed defense at its best... - hilarious story about an 82-year-old granny defending her grand-daughter's house. Hahahahaha! [highroad]

# Claire Wolfe at Backwoods Home Magazine - Heading for Hardyville Gulch - part one of two. What's a gulch. How Nat protects the Hardyville gulch. Hehe. [claire]

If you're not a "libbettarian," you might wonder. Gulching is physically retreating from a society that doesn't value what you value -- a society that in fact threatens to eat up everything you value -- then maybe eat up you, as well. (Backwoods Homesteaders are pretty familiar with this part of the idea.)

But gulching isn't just retreating FROM. It's retreating TO. And it isn't just retreating individually. You -- and your friends -- very quietly slip out of the mainstream world and slip into one where you can do two things: first, live and trade with people who value freedom; second, prepare to bring freedom back to the world, someday when the world might be ready to consider freedom a good thing.


Here's the skinny. A lot of us have been trying to save the world. But the world doesn't want to be saved, any more than a pig wants to sing.

In fact, in the eyes of the world, us "libbetarians" -- and constitutional conservatives, and paleocons, and paleolibs, and militia remnants, and classical liberals, and just plain Don't Tread on Me folks -- are trying to "save" the world from the thing it most craves -- the illusion of security. We're just annoying the pig, in other words.

Someday the world might be ready for freedom. When it is, it'll be a good thing if colonies and networks exist that have preserved the institutions, ideals, and practical know-how of being free. We can come back then. Or our kids can. And we can bring the treasure we've preserved. And the free-market institutions we built underground.

# Bob Wallace at Strike the Root - Satan Disappointed in Neocon Spawn - the Price of Darkness is unhappy with the Busheviks. Hehe. [root]

"I have been trying for thousands of years to get humanity to follow the Left-Hand Path, and these guys are the pits at helping me," he said disgustedly, in a recent interview. "I've been behind some major players--Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Lincoln, FDR--and compared to them, these guys are buffoons. They couldn't even con the US administration into invading two insignificant little countries without fouling it up. I wanted millions dead, decades of war and murder and destruction, and trillions of dollars wasted. These punks couldn't even do that. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Try Pony League klutzes always dropping the ball!"

Shaking his horned head sadly, Satan complained, "They had every chance. They conned people into believing they were rightists instead of leftists, they maligned patriots as traitors and convinced dunces it was true, they had the jug ear of the Alfred E. Newman who's the current President. And of best, they had a lot of the public unable to tell the difference between God's true laws and Man's foolish ones!"


When asked what his plans for the future were, Satan laughed and answered, "Why, the same as always. Get the human race to sacrifice to me through war, mass murder and massive destruction. I'll do what every tyrant does--attempt to conquer the world by pretending I and my minions are benefactors. The masses always fall for that little trick."

# Mary Jane's Garden sells cannabis seeds, worldwide. They ship in White Widow plain business envelopes with random non-existent businesses as the return address. Seeds cost $5 apiece in small quantities or about $3.50 apiece for more. Most of their customers send cash. Their web site appears to be located in the Netherlands. They have a FAQ. They have pictures of the strains they sell ("White Widow" pictured at right). Added to my links page in the "Stores" column of the "Other Stuff" section and to my banners page. [email]

# Charley Reese at - War Propaganda - avoid the war racket, like the plague. [lew]

No, the Bush administration doesn't want you to see the bodies -- not the bodies of our men and women, and not the bodies of Iraqi men, women and children. The administration wants you to see the war as an electronic game with bright lights in the distance and good sound effects, or close-ups of our brave warriors firing their guns at an invisible enemy. It doesn't want you to see the torn flesh, blood, intestines, feces, urine. If you did, you might not support the war, and billions of dollars depend on your support.

The government line is that if you don't approve of the war, you are disloyal. If you don't agree to give the Pentagon whatever it says it wants, you are disloyal. If you don't agree to surrender your civil liberties to the Patriot Act, you are disloyal. If you disagree with the Bush administration, you are disloyal. If you disagree with the chicken-hawk demagogues on radio and television, blathering about the war from the safety of their studios, you are disloyal.


America should not be about war. War is justified only in self-defense. We've been involved in many wars, but the last war fought in self-defense was World War II. That was also the last war that was constitutional, with a formal declaration of war by Congress. Not one single poor soul of the more than 100,000 Americans who have died in the Cold War and the hot wars since 1945 has died in defense of America.


We should not equate peace with weakness. We ought to be like the Swiss. Their policy is armed neutrality. They have a sound defensive force and can be in the field in 48 hours, but they will fight only if they are invaded. They do not send their sons to foreign countries to die for political or economic reasons.

We should emulate the Swiss. No American should ever kill or die except in defense of this country. And no corporation should be allowed to make a profit off the blood of American soldiers, as is now happening in Iraq and has happened in every war.

# Carl Bussjaeger at The Mansfield (OH) New Journal - Ashland has money to burn - otherwise they wouldn't be trying Jeff Jordan for carrying the pistol he is licensed to carry in New Hampshire. Ohio gives full faith and credit to his driving license. Why not his concealed carry permit? [lrtdiscuss]

# Edgar J. Steele - In Defense of Homophobia I - the first of three parts. Not complete without parts II and III. Some interesting ideas about homosexuality. Mr. Steele doesn't mind it as long as it isn't thrust into his face. He also thinks homosexuals have no business being with kids. He may be right, though I remain unconvinced. Of course he mixes it all with Jew and Black bashing, so don't click if that bothers you (it bothers me, but I'm good at filtering the bad from the good).

"Don't ask. Don't tell."
--- Bill Clinton

"Do what you will, just not in the streets and don't frighten the horses."
--- British Folk Saying, circa Victorian era


Here's my personal problem with homosexuals: I don't care. I don't go around pushing my sexual proclivities into anybody else's face (poor choice of words, I suppose) and I surely do not want to hear about theirs...or yours, for that matter. Tell me about your sexual conquests and I won't like it. Tell me you're homosexual and I won't like it. Wear mesh nylons and I will be annoyed if you are male. I don't want to hear about it and the best way to get me to rag on you is to tell me about it. And, heavens! Those "Gay Pride" parades! They cause me to scrunch up my face, hyperventilate and make loud, rude noises.

Don't Ask. Don't Tell.

Keep your mouth shut and I couldn't care less what you do in your bedroom at night with other consenting adults, animals and sundry prosthetics. I don't care what appliances you favor, but I don't want to know about them. What you do that doesn't hurt me or mine or others and which you don't throw in my face quite simply is none of my business. Make it my business and you can't complain about my taking care of business.

Pedophiles, who almost exclusively are homosexual, should be tried quickly and executed just as quickly when found out - no second chances to ruin a child's life. Yes, rape is a horrible crime for an adult female. It is much worse for children.


Here is a bitter pill for some in "the Movement," but it is one to which they, in particular, should attend: Those who scream the loudest about homosexuals invariably are terrified of what their response might be if "hit on." It's the same mentality as bullies and explains why bullies run away when punched in the nose. Bullies really are afraid of being found out - of being seen as wimpy or fearful. Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't swagger down the street, pushing people out of his way. He knows he can break any other guy in half and so has nothing to prove. He knows that you know it, too, so he can afford to be gracious to you.

Those talking the most pugnaciously about homosexuals almost certainly are the ones most fearful of being latent homosexuals, themselves. You know who you are and you can take this one to the bank. For once, Hollywood got the stereotype right in the Marine Colonel neighbor played by Chris Cooper in the film "American Beauty."

Quiet self confidence bespeaks a certain surety about one's own self. The most awesome trial lawyers I have opposed always were those who possessed self confidence enough to treat me with respect, courtesy and, when our clients weren't looking, with friendliness during our mutual case. Always, they did the very best job for their clients and presented me the most significant challenges. Those substituting bluster and stupid behavior for skill immediately disclosed themselves for what they were - rank beginners or incompetent - and always have been the easiest to best.

# Natec - Polymer-Cased Ammunition (PCA) - what'll they think of next. Currently available in 55 and 69 grain .223 REM. Coming in mid-2004 in 150 and 168 grain .308. No prices apparent on their web site. Click here for High Road discussion. The one problem people are having with it is melting of the plastic case when the gun gets hot. [highroad]

NATEC's patented (and patents pending), lightweight, polymer-cased ammunition (PCA) is produced in Plattsburgh, New York. The cartridges utilize standard projectiles, primers, and propellants that are currently supplied by existing manufacturers. The base cap is cold formed from standard cartridge brass, and the casing is injection molded from the exclusively supplied polymer.

The unique, patent pending manufacturing process is centered on the one-step insert injection molding of the projectile into the polymer casing on state-of-the-art equipment. The interface is consistent (no crimping) and is self-sealing ensuring waterproofness of the cartridge. The primed base cap is then snapped on forming an interference fit after propellant loading.

PCA exhibits many benefits for the consumer over existing, similarly priced, metal-cased products, including:
  • Superior accuracy.
  • Consistent, reliable performance.
  • Reduced heat transfer to the weapon.
  • Cool to the touch fired casings.
  • Reduced cost compared to existing "brand name" ammunition.

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