Billionaires for Bush or Kerry

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 25 Apr 2004 12:00:00 GMT
Billionaires for Bush or Kerry - a little Sunday morning satire. Hehe. Don't miss their Decision 2004 Flip Coin, pictured below, as good a way as any to decide which branch of the Boot on Your Neck Party to elect this time. [tle]
Decision 2004 Flip Coin
From their Platform and Agenda page:
History of the "Republicrat"

The American Democratic system works as well today as it did when the electoral structure was laid out by the founding fathers. In fact, Presidents Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, and John Quincy Adams all ran as "Democratic-Republicans", this party originating today's Democratic and Republican parties. Not since Zachary Taylor in 1848 has the Electoral College voted a third-party (Whig, in this case) candidate into the White House.

Since then, Americans have enjoyed their freedom to elect either a Democrat or a Republican for president. This year's presidential election is no different, and Billionaires for Bush or Kerry is projecting our 36th consecutive Republicrat victory.

We are estimating our candidates will win 94.9% of the votes, and 100% of the electoral votes. While we're thankful for your ongoing support, our success has really been due to the American electoral process itself.

# mvpel at The High Road - Seized by the Manchester, New Hampshire PD for Open Carry - I read this thread when it started at the end of March, but there's been recent activity that's worth a look. If you haven't read it yet, start with the link above, otherwise, the discussion I'm talking about starts at about page 18 (of 21). [highroad]

# Jonathan Alter at MSNBC - Yes, We Can Handle the Truth - commentary on attempts by the Busheviks to suppress photos of flag-draped caskets returning from their war on Iraq. [grabbe]

The bottom line is that this government doesn't trust the people. It didn't trust them with the real reasons for going to war or the price tag. It doesn't want to fight an image war at home when the United States is already losing that fight in the Arab world. But it's patronizing to assume that Americans won't bear the cost of war if the cause is just. They are bearing that cost so far, as President Bush's healthy poll numbers amid a week of bad news attests. The same folks who, often rightly, accuse liberals of fostering a "nanny state" that treats the public like helpless children are now doing the same. They think "Joe Public," as Bush calls him in Bob Woodward's new book, can't handle the truth.

# Ken Holder at The Libertarian Enterprise - Listening Session: The Agony of Disappointment, the Joy of Success - Mr. Holder finally got an old pair of Koss ESP-9 electrostatic headphones working, and it was worth the effort. I remember listening to some very nice Sennheiser electrostatic headphones in college, but Sennheiser doesn't make electrostatics any more. I'll bet what they do make sounds mighty good, though. [tle]

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