B.A.G. Day, 2004

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From survivalarts:
"The concept of porn invading our homes all by itself is simply the right-wing equivalent of the left-wing nonsense of guns (ahem) pulling their own triggers." -- Dave Aronson

# Publicola - B.A.G. Day - a good overview of what to buy if you have any Buy a Gun Day questions about how to spend your money for Aaron's Buy A Gun Day II, which is today, tax day, April 15. Actually, I wish B.A.G. stood for Bag a Goon, but you shouldn't say that too loudly these days. I've spent my money for the time being on stuff other than guns, so I won't be participating, but I encourage you to do so. [publicola]

# frantic summer - Turn the Flag - proposes April 30 as a day to fly the flag upside down in the universal sign of distress. [freewest]

# Nicki Fellenzer at Armed Females of America - Judaism, Nazis and Gun Control - some misguided Jews claim that Judaism requires victim disarmament. Not so. [kaba]

First, let me say this: ANYONE WHO WANTS TO DISARM YOU IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER THEY USE DOCTORED STATISTICS, COMMUNIST RHETORIC OR RELIGIOUS DOGMA TO MAKE YOU VULNERABLE TO ARMED THUGS OR GOVERNMENT TYRANTS. THE TOOL DOESN'T MATTER. THE CRIME DOES. The crime is civilian disarmament, and the nature of said crime does not change with the tools used to perpetuate it, whether they be perversion of Judaic law or the socialist "common good" mantra.


I recently spoke with Rabbi Isaac Leizerowski, who, upon having conferred with his colleagues, agreed that the right to self defense is MANDATED (his emphasis, not mine) by Jewish law. The directive to defend your life is written in the Talmud, the 70-volume Code of Jewish Law, in at least three places. And while individual cases of firearms use are subject to law, and Jews are absolutely prohibited from committing murder (willfully taking an innocent life), Rabbi Leizerowski agrees that the gun is the most effective tool of self defense on the market today, and that the right to keep and bear (own and carry) firearms should not be controlled by governments.

# Steven Yates at LewRockwell.com - Why I Avoid Airports - still as spot-on as it was over a year ago when he wrote it, Mr. Yates avoids airports because of the sekurity nazis there. Click here for KABA comments. [kaba]

Today's situation has all the earmarks of institutionalized bullying, sexual or otherwise. We have groups of federal employees vested with nearly unchecked power. The federal government has hired some 70,000 of them and dispatched them to airports all over the country. American citizens are expected to keep their mouths shut and submit to these highly invasive searches. This is why I consider it bullying. Obviously, citizens individually going about their private business have no means of standing up to this new federal police force. Most have real jobs and busy schedules to keep, and can't afford the disruption a protest might create. They have none of the resources available to the feds. They aren't motivated by power. There is a strong incentive to go along because they have been led to believe that by doing so, they are helping fight the "war on terrorism." I can't prove it, of course, but I can't help but think that at least some who applied for federal airport security positions did so because they get their jollies dominating others -- of having complete control over, say, a helpless woman whose husband they know they can have arrested. There are probably many schoolyard bullies who never really grew out of it. In addition, I have to wonder about anyone applying for a job involving actions that would probably be classified as sexual misconduct if anyone did them but a federal employee.

This is of concern to me personally -- in part because of my intense dislike of anyone who abuses power. Were some bimbo drawing a federal paycheck to touch my girlfriend intimately, I cannot say I wouldn't react. I know myself well enough to know I probably wouldn't just stand there and say nothing. If it were a male who did it, I cannot guarantee he wouldn't be picking himself up off the floor. I am very much afraid I'd be one of the people handcuffed and hauled off. How is a normal person supposed to react to this sort of absurdity?

# Free-Codecs.com has a huge number of freeware audio and video codecs, including Real and Quicktime video. Their Real Alternative is a 5.5 meg download that, unlike Real Player, M60E loads almost instantly. It worked like a charm on the Shoot-Out at Blackwater videos to which I linked yesterday. Kim du Toit was right. Watch all of them, especially the M-60 machine gun video: 850 rounds of .308 in 1 minute and 45 seconds. Whew! Thanks to Ken Holder for the link to Free-Codecs.com.

# Targetware makes a flight simulator engine to which particular simulated environments (mods) are added as data. Works on Windows and Macintosh, though I haven't yet tried the Macintosh version. The engine installer is only 4 megs, but the mods are huge. The Target Rabaul mod, which was linked to on a Target Rabaul Airplane Skyfighters is Dead thread on FlyGirl's old message board, is over 100 megs, but it was worth the half hour it took to come over my DSL line. The downside (for a beginner, likely an upside for a serious sim freak) is that it's much closer to a real airplane than Skyfighters (SF). You have to think about lots of details other than just fighting. I haven't gone on-line with it yet, just tried it out in single-player mode, so I don't know whether the fighting will compete with SF (and I seriously doubt it), but I was able to get a few planes off the ground and landed without crashing some of the time. They say that a server can handle a hundred clients at once. Warbirds reborn. Targetware is free during its beta period, but they plan to switch to a subscription model. You won't be able to fly with anybody but yourself unless you pay. No prices posted anywhere that I saw.

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