Tim Larkin's Target-Focus Training (TFT)

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 13 Apr 2004 12:00:00 GMT
# Jeff Head - Dragon's Fury: Eagle's Talons - the final volume of Mr. Head's World War III series is due out in June. A first excerpt is now available.

# Matt Furey - Exposed! - Mr. Furey is an expert at fitness training, using your own body weight, not a bunch of equipment. Calisthenics on steroids. He bought Tim Larkin's video tapes, expecting them to be a sham. He liked them so much he went to a weekend workshop. I've been getting email and snail mail from Mr. Furey and Mr. Larkin for a while, and I've been wanting to order but haven't had the bucks. This article pushed me over the edge. I ordered the "TFT Nuclear Weapons Package" from the link below. Hopefully, I'll have something to report next week.

These are completely new and different videos, and Larkin holds nothing back-making them unlike anything you've ever seen before. There's not room to describe them here but he's personally written a report describing in detail what's included and whether or not they're right for you (they're definitely not for everyone-it's explained in the report). Read about it at: www.targetfocusweapons.com.

Still wondering if this is legit? Listen, nobody tells me what to do. I march to my own drummer and I'm damn proud of it. And I'm not about to put my reputation in jeopardy for anyone.

One more thing: I haven't been paid a penny to write this. I'm the one who's spent his time and money on Larkin's training. His stuff so impressed me I wrote this as my way of saying thanks for taking my confidence and ability to face a criminal on the street to another level. And it's not just me. When you get the report, Larkin will include a long list of comments and stories from others who've benefited from his training, some from my own group in Dallas.

# L. Neil Smith at Rational Review - The obverse side of history - two ideas for restoring American liberty. [smith2004]

Awhile back a longtime friend wrote to an e-mail list we both inhabit, telling me and others that he'd just tried to buy an airline ticket and been refused. No one would tell him why, but apparently his name has been added to a secret roster of those who will be forbidden the benefits of 21st century transportation for the duration of the dictatorship.

This is nothing new. It's been going on in sick profusion since the events of September 11, 2001 gave the lowest, sourest dregs at the bottom of the American barrel politic -- the philosophical, moral, and intellectual inheritors of Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot -- a license to do absolutely anything they ever wanted to do anyway, for decades.


Two things absolutely necessary are (1) to persuade as many people as possible to vote for third party candidates -- any third party candidates -- and for nobody else in the coming general election, and (2) in any case, not to vote for a single incumbent, the exception being elected third party members and incumbent Texas Republican Ron Paul.

Should I repeat that? Maybe I should. We must persuade people to vote for third party candidates -- any third party candidates -- and not to vote for any incumbent, with the exception of Congressman Ron Paul.

Beyond that, on the other side of these horrible times and events, things are never going to be the same again -- because we must never let them be the same again. We must begin now to plan our future in freedom.

There are many ways to start well, and no way of predicting what way will prove most effective. A simple one might be a Constitutional amendment to prohibit the naming of highways, bridges, or any other "public" works after any politician, past or present, elected or appointed.

It should also mandate the immediate demolition of any statue, memorial, obelisk, garden, or gazebo ever built to honor these net tax consumers.

Finally, it should outlaw striking or printing their likenesses on coins, stamps, currency, or anything else we're used to seeing them on.

# Lawrence Pintak at Guerilla News Network - Osama's Wet Dream - the Busheviks are doing what Osama bin Laden could only dream about, uniting Shi'ite and Sunni against the Amerikan crusades. [grabbe]

Operation Resolute Sword. That's what the U.S. military in Iraq is calling its effort to crush rebellious Shi'ite forces. Osama bin Laden could not have chosen a more inflammatory name.

Who comes up with these things? Why not just stage a photo-op with President Bush in Richard the Lionheart regalia?

One would have thought -- or at least hoped -- the Pentagon would have learned its lesson after Muslims objected to Washington's original name for the war on terror, Operation Infinite Justice, on the grounds that only God has the power to mete that out.

Or that the outrage over the president's off-the-cuff reference to a "Crusade against terror" in the days after 9/11 would have made the administration hyper-sensitive.

But now some military scribe has coined a name right out of the Crusades -- which, after all, is precisely what opponents claim the U.S. is waging in the Middle East. The invasion of the Christian armies to "liberate" the Holy Lands may have taken place a millennium ago, but it continues to live in the psyche of many Arabs.

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