Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 10 Apr 2004 12:00:00 GMT
# Yesterday, I made WeirdX work with Emacs on the AIX machine at work. I've been using NetManage ViewNow as my X-Windows server, but for some reason it started hanging at startup. WeirdX is a 211K Java library that does a reasonable job. It doesn't switch the keyboard focus correctly, but I really only need X for one Emacs window, so that's OK with me. And installation is a breeze, once you figure out how to use it. Maybe I'll write a tutorial. Its Freshmeat page is here. Very cool.

# Larken Rose - contains Mr. Rose's New Flash presentation, "The 861 Evidence: A Disturbing Exposé of the United States Income Tax System". Very well done, though I haven't watched the whole thing yet. I don't advise attempting to view it over a modem. Order the CD. It took quite a while to load over my DSL line.

# Joshua Weage at - Small Arms Ballistics 1.3.0 - "A ballistics calculator for small arms fire. This software implements trajectory and B.C. calculations with a variety of bullet drag models." Linux only, I believe. 1.19 meg download. I need to re-install VMWare and get a Linux working again. In my copious spare time... [smith2004]

# Terence McKenna at The Sputnik Drug Information Zone - Dream Matrix Telemetry - poetic description of the effects of DMT. Never tried it. Sputnik look interesting, and don't miss the rest of their Terrence McKenna page. Unfortunately,'s Lycaeum Entheogen Database has been reorganized since the Sputnik pages were written, so all the links are broken. [anodyne]

# GeekWithA.45 - AWB vs US Troops - a couple of stories about how the "Assault Weapons" ban is harming the military. [geekwitha.45]

I was invited to a conference at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Indian a last year. The purpose of the conference was to provide those of us in the U S domestic gun industry with knowledge of problems our government is having with the currently issued M4 Carbine.

A government official told us that their internal model shop wanted to build a run of M4 carbines chambered for 30 Soviet (7.62X39), as USSOCM, referring to the current M4 (chambered for 223), has stated that, 'It has neve r met our requirements.' He then showed us a 30-round, 7.62x39mm magazine, which fit an M4 receiver. He asked if any of us could manufacture this magazine, as the ' magazine ban' had driven the original manufacturer out of business. We all expressed our opinions about the magazine ban and the politicians who suppor ted it and, to a man, assured him that none of us were interested in the least, under present laws. He nodded his head in reluctant acknowledgment.

Some courageous manufacturers have developed the 6.8mm cartridge. This cartridge is an improvement over the 30 Soviet, and a vast improvement over the 223. This round and military rifles chambered for it are desperately needed for our armed forces right now, particularly with our current active deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. The immediate hold up is the fact that no domestic manufacturer wants to make this new rifle, if they can only sell it to the government. With no prospect of civilian sales, there is zero interest in t his undertaking among American manufacturers, like me. So, critical progress is now stalled and will be for the foreseeable future.

# Moi - Google Bomb: Verizon Wants Helpless Employees is my contribution the the Liberty Round Table's latest Google Bomb against Verizon. [lrtdiscuss]

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