May Day: Million Marijuana March 2004

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 29 Apr 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From clairefiles:
"In the funny country where I am living I have to store gunpowder in a safe, so I bought a good-looking one with a complicated lock and which looks really worth stealing. It is filled with six pounds of gunpwder though. The more precious things as silver and gold coins are stored in a simple cardboard box, displayed in the open. Don't think a burglar will strech for a cardboard box almost at the ceiling when he can have a safe (75 lbs, not more) which really yells "steal me, steal me now". Hope the burglar uses a torch..." -- Rick

# The Million Marijuana March is on Saturday, May first (Sunday in some places), in hundreds of cities throughout the world. The largest event will likely take place in New York City. May Day is Jay Day.

# Mark Morford at - Is Your Porn Safe? - the Puritan in the "Just Us" department is on the anti-sex warpath again. Somebody give that man a wet woman. Fortunately for us, there are way too many big corporations addicted to the lucre from the porn industry for Herr Ashcroft to get away with doing anything but posturing for the election. Hehe. [claire]

Can you hear the outcry? Can you feel the snippy puritanical heat?

Can you feel John Ashcroft's hot, predatory breath bearing down on your life and your box of vibrators and your adult DVD collection and snatching away your copy of "Weapons of A-- Destruction #2" and smacking you across the face with a Bible, all before skipping off to the dungeon to feed the flying monkeys?

Because while 9/11 and the process of gleefully decimating your civil liberties via the USA Patriot Act may have delayed him a few years, Ashcroft & Co. is back on the anti-porn warpath, hell-bent on slashing and burning its way through the porn industry like a priest through an all-male boarding school -- oh wait, bad analogy -- like a hot knife through butter -- nope, not that, either -- like a Halliburton exec through Baghdad -- there, that's more like it -- as the U.S. Justice Department sets its sights on punishing the sex industry and eradicating porn and making the world safe for uptight danceless ultra-pious nondrinking white men once and for all.

# Roger Young at Strike the Root - Pat Tillman--Revisited and Laid to Rest - why Pat Tillman was no hero for giving up his NFL career to die in Afghanistan. [root]

While watching TV footage about Tillman, I observed an interesting before and after contrast. First, there is Tillman, the college football player, bearded with hair a bit on the long side, running, yelling, full of enthusiasm and life, enjoying his physical blessings that God has bestowed. The next image showed Tillman at the completion of training, smartly dressed in Class A uniform, head and face shaven. The animated facial expression of a free man, ready for a future of unlimited possibility, was now replaced by a blank stare, indicating a mind and soul washed clean of any individuality. That mind was now focused like a laser beam on nothing but obeying whatever orders his new master may issue.

Who did Tillman serve? My critics almost unanimously made reference to him "serving his country." I would counter that a more accurate statement would be that he served his GOVERNMENT. That's who employed him and who gave him his marching orders. Millions inhabiting the country he claimed to represent, as I, would have preferred he not been there at all.


It does not show "guts" to put your thoughts into print in a free country, that is one more thing Americans far better than yourself have shed blood for you to have the right to do.

Wrong. It does take guts to state the truth when the truth does not match the party line. Any coward can parrot what his masters say is truth. Any coward can give up their GOD-GIVEN freedom, put on a uniform, become nothing less than a slave, and follow orders, no matter how illegal or immoral. Any coward can refuse to THINK. Any individual who does this thumbs his nose at his Creator, empties his heart, mind, and soul of all traces of humanity and becomes nothing less than an android, nothing less than a walking blasphemy.

# Nicholas Strakon at Strike the Root - Worse Than Nothing - an even more vitriolic take on Pat Tillman's death. [root]

Tillman is being celebrated as a hero by all the courtiers and regime-dupes. Nowadays the System has to confect its heroes out of unlikely material; really all you have to do is get killed, banged up, or captured, so long as you are serving the Empire when it happens. But in fact Tillman was no hero; he was a sucker.

A man who defends his country is not a sucker. He may well be a hero -- a real hero of the old-fashioned sort. But Tillman was not defending his country. He was promoting imperialism and criminal war. He had turned his fate over to evil men embarked on an evil enterprise. He threw his life away, but not for nothing. He threw it away for worse than nothing. He threw it away in the cause of imperialism and criminal war.

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