April 2004

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 01 May 2004 12:32:08 GMT
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Thursday, 1 April: April Fools, 2004

Friday, 2 April: EFF to Merge with DOJ. Not! Saturday, 3 April: Shooting Guns on the Radio Sunday, 4 April: 04/04/04 Monday, 5 April: Verizon Must Die Tuesday, 6 April: Happy Forty-Eighth Birthday to Me Wednesday, 7 April: George Bush: Liar, Mass Murderer, War Criminal Thursday, 8 April: Gmail Friday, 9 April: Condoleeza Gets No Links from Me Saturday, 10 April: WeirdX Sunday, 11 April: Happy Easter! Monday, 12 April: Claire's Back! Tuesday, 13 April: Tim Larkin's Target-Focus Training (TFT) Wednesday, 14 April: Groovy Thursday, 15 April: B.A.G. Day, 2004 Friday, 16 April: I Am Woman. Hear My .45 Roar Saturday, 17 April: We Can't Sleep Till We Take It Back Sunday, 18 April: NRANews.com Monday, 19 April: Patriots Day, 2004 Tuesday, 20 April: Thirteen Years of Wedded Bliss Wednesday, 21 April: Lyme Disease Thursday, 22 April: FN P90 Friday, 23 April: Alaska Carry in Trouble in New Hampshire Saturday, 24 April: .45 SAP Sunday, 25 April: Billionaires for Bush or Kerry Monday, 26 April: Another Mancus Jewel Tuesday, 27 April: When You Come for My Guns Wednesday, 28 April: OQO Thursday, 29 April: May Day: Million Marijuana March 2004 Friday, 30 April: No Vermont/Alaska Carry in New Hampshire

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