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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sun, 09 May 2004 12:00:00 GMT
Scott Bieser at Rational Review - New Manglement - cartoon commentary on the new manager of Saddam's Torture Chamber: Dubya. Hehe. I haven't seen the Firefly episode with the blue gloves, so I didn't get that part of it. [smith2004]

# My battle rifle worked like a charm yesterday. I only fired twenty rounds, but they all worked as expected, no doubles. The trigger requires noticeably more pressure than it did before I installed the new hammer on Thursday, but I prefer that to double shots or the hammer down on an unfired round. Next experiment will be to fire Fred's Army Qualification Test. I scored just over 200 last time I tried it.

I also shot forty rounds offhand from my Kel-Tec Sub2000 carbine (in .40 S&W) at the two targets pictured below. As on Wednesday evening, the 100-yard Small Bore Rifle Target was at 25 yards and the FBI Q target on the left was at 50 yards. I alternated shots at the two targets, firing as quickly as I could bring the sights on target. The Sub2000 is harder than my Marlin to aim with both eyes open, so on most of the shots I closed my left eye. Click on the image for a larger version.

40 S&W targets

# Kristina Goetz at The Cincinnati Enquirer - Bush pauses to comfort teen - I really want to believe this was real on Mr. Bush'es part, but I don't know the man, so I can't tell. I'd be more likely to believe it if instead of hugging a Lebanese girl whose mother was killed when the World Trade Center fell, he chose an Iraqi girl whose mother was killed by an American bomb. Maybe Bush makes war because he's afraid and doesn't know what else to do, even though that's dumb as dirt. Damn, I hate this universe. Why did I let the travel agent with the glossy photographs convince me to come here? [whittle]

# Jeff Cooper's Commentaries - 6 May 2004: False Summer - spring brought Colonel Cooper's 84th birthday; fine NRA meeting at Pittsburg; C Stories available from: 1840 East Warner Road, Box 238, Tempe, Arizona 85284, e-mail:; Sergeant George Sparling, USMC, is pictured on p. 38 of C Stories; bad press for the war effort; careful shooting in Iraq; Craig Boddington selected for brigadier general of Marines; the saleable but nonsensical Remington 375 "Ultra Magnum"; Col. Cooper honored by hoplophobes outside the NRA meeting hotel in Pittsburgh; the Blaser R93; Steyr Scout reports from Africa: "The general reaction of the outfitter when the rifle comes out of the case is 'What on earth is that,' and then at the conclusion of the hunt his question is 'Where can I get one?'"; on holding the pistol sideways; political correctness: a form of tyranny over the mind of man; shrapnel; a pistol for the .50 BMG cartridge?; a court-martial may commend as well as punish; hot 9s; still no clue on the meaning of "digital"; military awards and decorations; pleased about the continued sale by Steve Hornady of the .45 caliber 230-grain jacketed-truncated-cone bullet (JTC); The Project; flat shooting cartridges; desire for a scope adjustment mechanism that moves the tube instead of the reticle; Jeff Cooper: bon vivant and recreational killer; on the arming of pilots; write letters of encouragement to President Bush.

# L. Neil Smith at Doing Freedom! - Some Thoughts on Concealed Carry - somehow, I missed linking to this when it came out two years ago. Why, what, and how to carry a handgun and avoid being made by the man should you decide to not ask his permission. [smith2004]

Speaking of jackets, if you plan on carrying concealed, prepare to fall right out of fashion -- or right in, depending on your taste. The "boyz in the 'hood" look like that (although most of them don't remember why any more) because baggy pants and an oversized shirt are the best way to hide a gun. (I don't know why they put their hats on backward -- could be they don't know whether they're coming or going.)

For some reason, bush pants, even when that extra pocket isn't directly over the main pants pocket, conceal a weapon well.

On the city streets, if you see a guy with short hair sweating inside a windbreaker when it's 100 degrees in the shade and there isn't any shade, chances are he's a detective, an off-duty cop, or an un-archist like you or me. I wear sportscoats, even in hot weather.

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