The Black Arrow

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 13 May 2004 12:00:00 GMT
# Vin Suprynowicz at Privacy Alert - The Black Arrow - a novel, coming in 2005. Link goes to a higher-resolution version of the poster below. [lrtdiscuss]
The Black Arrow
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The politicians of the city were corrupt.
They had taken the people's property
... and their freedom.

The people had forgotten how to fight back.
There was no one left to show them how.
Or was there... ?

A phantasmagory of drug-warped neon,
reflecting off the dark oil slicks of our
collectivist cultural decadence and regret.
A tale of sex and violence;
freedom and fertility;
rebellion and revenge.

With lots of rock 'n roll.

Coming in 2005
A Novel of the Resistance
by Vin Suprynowicz
The Black Arrow

# David C. Moormam at Strike the Root- I Feel a Draft! - The "Universal National Service Act of 2003", H.R. 163 and S.89, does more than create a draft for future wars on other countries. It requires all persons aged 18-26 to serve the state for two years, either in the uniformed military or in some civilian capacity to be determined by the president. Many of the details of the "service" created by these bills are left up to the president, a really bad idea. [root]

# Robert Fisk at The UK Independent via ZNet - Betrayed by Images of our own Racism - Mr. Fisk wants to know who gave the orders for the treatment of the Abu Ghraib prisoners. It weren't a rogue 20-year-old girl. [root]

The hooded man with the wires attached to his hands has now become an iconic portrait, every bit as memorable as the picture of the second aircraft flying into the World Trade Centre. No, of course, we haven't killed 3,000 Iraqis. We've killed many more. And the same goes for Afghanistan.

# Tony Parsons at The Mirror (UK) - I Believed in This War.. I Was So Wrong - Mr. Parsons formerly supported the war on Iraq. Now he asks why Tony Blair shouldn't make a trip to the Hague just like Slobodan Milosevic. [root]

Blair is guilty as sin. He will not stand trial, of course. There will be no ritual humiliation and bringing to book for the Butcher of Baghdad, the way there was for the Butcher of Belgrade.

Blair will not stand trial for the 16,180 Iraqis who have been slaughtered on his watch, or the 1,195 Allied soldiers who have wasted their lives.


Most of us are sick of the sight of Tony Blair now, but he is ultimately irrelevant - just another lying, self-serving politician, just one more thing we were wrong about all along.

What matters are the unimaginable forces that Blair has unleashed, and the hatred that will last for a thousand years.

# Marc Perkel at Conspiracy Planet - Nick Berg Snuff Porn: CIA Death Squad in Action? - and the conspiracy theories begin. Remember your grain of salt. [grabbe]

I look at the beheading of Nick Berg and I see that the terrorists are WHITE and FAT.

They are wearing BULLET PROOF VESTS and the guy on the right has WHITE SHOES.

The prisoner is wearing an ORANGE JUMPSUIT that is the same color and style used in the American run prison.

The Arabic is bad and CNN has determined that it is not the guy who the web site says it is.

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