Please Mama Gummint, May I Breathe Today?

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 12 May 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From survivalarts:
"...when I saw Vlad in Carlsbad he patted my stomach and said big (fat) men make great fighters, then smiled and said they can't run away like everyone else so they have to be..." -- Clayton

Posted on smith2004:

"I am responsible for what I do and for what I contract with other people to do. Period. I have no control whatsoever over what my government does, hence I am not responsible for it. It's this kind of statist mentality, equating people to the government that claims control over the geographical area in which they live, that is responsible for the mass murder that we call war. If somebody attacks you, your family, or your friends, you have the right to defend yourself and them. Attacking the attackers' families or other people who happen to live in the same country that they do is murder. Period. Bombing cities, thereby killing innocents, is a crime against humanity. There is no justification for it. Ever." -- Bill St. Clair

# Robert Carey at The Spoof - Osama bin Laden apologises for beheading video - when it's too Bin Laden and Bert horrible to bear, you've gotta laugh. Satire. [google]

# Halffast - Lights Out - on Saturday, I linked to this SHTF novel in progress. I have since read all 59 available chapters. The link contains only chapters 1-54 as six PDF files. Chapters 55-59 are linked individually from this High Road discussion. Besides being a good story, it has lots of practical information about what's necessary to survive should the lights go out. Me want more. [highroad]

# Nicki Fellenzer at Armed Females of America - Million Mom March Was Pleasant...Almost! - Ms. Fellenzer talked to many of the anti-gun marchers in DC on Mother's Day. Most of them were rational. One went ballistic. [kaba]

# Sunni Maravillosa at The Price of Liberty - Permission Slips - why we should get used to saying "permission slip" instead of "license" or "permit". It reminds us that our liberty is being trampled upon. [price]

# For Sale: The Ultimate Secure Home - Durango, Colorado. $495,000. Owner is sick and has to move. Neat. [lrtdiscuss]

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