F the FCC

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 22 May 2004 12:00:00 GMT
# Pythonline - IDLEwild - click on "The FCC Song" (3.1 meg mp3) and prepare to laugh. At $5,000 per F-word, this one would cost $70,000, so don't click if you don't want to hear that. I transcribed it here. [whatreallyhappened]

# Brian Micklethwait at Samizdata.net - Farting in the church of Kofi - Ben Hammersly has put a bounty on Kofi Annan's head. Hahahahaha hahahahha! [samizdata]

A bounty on Kofi Annan's Head

# Rick Stanley - The Gathering - June 19-25, starting at a park in Brighton on the 19th and a dinner on Saturday, June 20, in Denver, and proceeding, again in Brighton, through Mr. Stanley's trial during the week. Less than a month to go. Time to send your money for the dinner ($38.05) if you can make it. Take your holster, full or empty. Speakers for the dinner are Michael Badnarak, Ken Blanchard, John Stadtmiller, Rick Stanley, William Duke, Brent Johnson, Don Harkins, Ingri Cassel, Gene Chapman, Sheriff Richard Mack, John Turner, Jack Blood, Rick Biesada, & Walter Burien. [stanleyscoop]

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