The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Mon, 17 May 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From smith2004:
"This has left a stain on our national honor. The last administration merely left a stain on a woman's dress." -- a radio talk-show caller on the pictures from Abu Ghraib prison.

# Loompanics Unlimited - Interview with Mike Hoy, Founder and President of Loompanics Unlimited: On Censorship: Public, Private, and Self - blasts censorship in all its forms. Did you know that Reason magazine, an espoused free-market libertarian rag, will not print ads from Loompanics? Introduces and excerpts (below) Claire Wolfe's new book, The Freedom Outlaw's Handbook: 179 Things To Do Until The Revolution, which is scheduled for release in July 2004. Claire says that you can pre-order it by calling Loompanics at 800-380-2230. [claire]


"What if you want to order merchandize that's very confidential -- legal, of course, but so private or so controversial you don't want your order to show up anywhere in your own records or in the records of the business you buy from?

"If the business is local, of course, it's still possible to walk in and pay with untraceable cash, as long as the amount of your purchases remain below the fedgov's ever-changing 'reporting thresholds' or don't constitute 'suspicious activity.' But what if the company's 3,000 miles away?

"That's where Quiet Buy comes in. This service, the brainchild of Tim Wingate, gives you a way of purchasing those controversial books, tapes, DVDs, and other merchandise without drawing unwanted attention

Quiet Buy
124 York Ave. Box #214
Elmhurst, Illinois 60126
Web site:

# Kim du Toit - BoomerShoot '04 - Kim's back home from his trip to shoot at explosive targets at long range. He offers pictures and commentary about the shoot. More available at the BoomerShoot website. [kimdutoit]

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