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Several people have asked me for an updated list of my books, so here it is, with ordering information at the bottom. Please note that although I'm actively planning The Space Scout Manual and accumulating material for another book like Lever Action, I haven't added them to the list yet.

L. Neil Smith


THE PROBABILITY BROACH (Tor Books, December, 2001)

In a deadly conflict with murderous federal agents, Denver homicide detective Win Bear is accidentally blown "sideways" in time, into the North American Confederacy, where the Whiskey Rebellion succeeded in 1794, and government has grown less powerful ever since.

L. Neil Smith's first book, originally published by Del Rey Books (Random House), 1980, and Tor Books, 1996. 1980/81. Prometheus Award winner, widely considered "the" definitive libertarian novel.

Reissued by Tor Books, December, 2001 in trade format. Will appear as a 180-page, full color graphic novel, with Scott Bieser, late summer, 2004.

THE AMERICAN ZONE (Tor Books, November, 2001)

Terrorists try to force a government to form in the North American Confederacy. Detective Win Bear (hero of The Probability Broach, et al.), his wife Clarissa, and his friends Lucy Kropotkin and Will Sanders stalk the badguys through a self-isolated community of fresh (and frightened) immigrants to the first free country they've ever known.

HOPE (Mazel Freedom Press, 2001)

A story filled with political struggle, attempted assassination, adventure, and romance: Vietnam War veteran, retired billionaire, and history professor Alexander Hope, "accidentally" elected President of the United States in 2008, begins to enforce the Bill of Rights as if it were the highest law of the land that it is.

A loose sequel to The Mitzvah, with Aaron Zelman. Winner of's Freedom Book of the Month Award for August, 2001.

LEVER ACTION (Mountain Media, 2001)

Twenty years of speeches, articles, and internet columns from the author of The Probability Broach, Forge of the Elders, Pallas, and (with Aaron Zelman) The Mitzvah and Hope.

Winner of's Freedom Book of the Month Award for May 2001.

FORGE OF THE ELDERS (Baen Books, 2000)

When most nations rejected Marxism in the 1990s, the Berlin Wall fell, and the Soviet Empire collapsed, the United States embraced Marxism wholeheartedly and dragged the whole world back down into the pit of collectivism. Now the American Soviet Socialist Republic claims the asteroid 5023 Eris, but somebody (or something) is already there! The Elders are from Earth ... sort of. They aren't human. But they're individualists -- and capitalists!

Winner of's Freedom Book of the Month Award for May 2000, Freedom Book of the Year Award 2000, and the 2001 Prometheus Award. Originally published in 1990 as CONTACT AND COMMUNE and CONVERSE AND CONFLICT by Warner Books, who unilaterally cancelled the third volume, CONCERT AND COSMOS) Now issued as the single epic work it was always meant to be.

THE MITZVAH (with Aaron Zelman, Mazel Freedom Press, 1999).

A Roman Catholic monsignor from Chicago discovers that he's actually a Jewish Holocaust orphan and must decide, not only between the faith he was brought up in and the faith he was born to, but between his liberal pacifist beliefs and those of his real family, many of whom joined the Resistance and fought and killed Nazis.

Winner of's Freedom Book of the Month Award for July, 1999. Co-author Aaron Zelman is the founder and executive director of JPFO: Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership.

THE WARDOVE (, 1999)

Earth was destroyed in 2023 and only Lunar colonists survived. Nine hundred years later, in a star-spanning "nation" without conscription or taxation, Captain Nathaniel Blackburn of Coordinated Arm Intelligence must find out who's killing rock musicians raising money for the War Against the Clusterian Powers. Includes lyrics to a dozen songs written by the author. First issued by Berkley-Ace in 1983. Beware of unauthorized trade paperback editions.

BRETTA MARTYN (Tor Books, 1996)

Fifteen years after her father Arran's adventures (Henry Martyn) Robretta Islay sails to the stars to expose the source of Oplyte slavery and stamp it out. Along the way she travels across half a galaxy, faces hideous perils, suffers grievously, meets many wild and wonderful characters, and eventually rediscovers the homeworld of the human race. (Also a sequel to The WarDove.)

PALLAS (Tor Books, 1993)

In the persons of Gibson Altman, exiled liberal United States Senator, and Emerson Ngu,a young Vietnamese/Cambodian immigrant boy who aspires to manufacture firearms, socialist "East America" and entrepreneurs of the West American "Jackelope Republic" fight for control of a whole new world, the second largest of the asteroids. Lots of action, romance, RKBA polemics, plus metallic silhouette shooting!

Winner of the 1994 Prometheus Award.

HENRY MARTYN (Tor Books, 1989)

A thousand years from now, in the depths of interstellar space, there will be sailing ships -- and pirates! Vast empires clash as young Arran Islay fights for freedom, and to regain a legacy brutally stripped from his family by the "Black Usurper".

THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE (Tor Books, 1986)

Moslems rule the world in this adventure of an inventor and gunsmith in an alternate universe where the Black Plague killed 999 out of 1000, and technology -- especially firearms -- took the blame.


Youthful adventures of Star Wars' famous gambler before Han Solo won the Millenium Falcon from him. Re-released in omnibus edition, STAR WARS: THE LANDO CALRISSIAN ADVENTURES, Del Rey Books, 1994.


The first of six projected sequels to Brightsuit MacBear: testing a marvelous "subfoline" craft, young Elsie Nahuatl (last seen in Tom Paine Maru) becomes lost amidst the bizarre collectivist cultures which lurk beneath the planet Majesty's "Sea of Leaves" with her father -- a cybernetically-enhanced coyote.


On Majesty, a planet covered, pole-to-pole, with jungle six miles deep, Win Bear's great-grandson MacDougall battles to prevent a terrible crime and recover a lost inheritance. Set in the universe of Tom Paine Maru.


Detective Win Bear travels back in time to 1794 to save Albert Gallatin, founder of the North American Confederacy, from assassins. First appearance in print of the author's "Covenant of Unanimous Consent".

TOM PAINE MARU (Del Rey Books, 1984)

The North American Confederacy reaches the stars at last, its Prime Directive: search out governments wherever they are found to exist -- and destroy them!

About to appear online as an e-novel (with a Scott Bieser "cover"), mid-summer, 2004.


On an alien world whose furry, nine-legged, crablike inhabitants, the lamviin, are just entering their own "Age of Invention", a royal "fireman" must create the art of criminal detection from scratch, in order to solve the murder of his favorite teacher.

THE VENUS BELT (Del Rey Books, 1980)

How does a totally ethical culture conquer its "final frontier"? A mysterious series of disappearances leads gumshoe Win Bear, assisted by Koko Featherstone-Haugh (a young female gorilla) and Lucy Kropotkin (a disgruntled murder victim temporarily housed in a robot body) to the asteroids, a super-villain with an all-too-familiar face, and a conspiracy stretching across whole universes.

THE NAGASAKI VECTOR (Del Rey Books, 1983)

Is a culture with an absolute regard for individual rights really helpless against those who would destroy it? Professional time traveler Bernie Gruenblum hires detective Win Bear to track down the stolen flying saucer ... who loves him.



Half a century after the events recounted in Pallas, the grandchildren of Emerson Ngu face their own challenges, terraforming the largest of the asteroids, protecting the solar system's Settled Worlds from "extinction level events" (like the one that killed the dinosaurs), and simply living their own lives in the early 22nd century. While her asteroid-mining brother fights space pirates, Llyra Ngu, a young athlete born on Pallas, struggles grimly to perform in the higher gravity of Ceres, Earth's moon, Mars, and Earth itself.

ROSWELL, TEXAS (with Rex F. May)

In 1947, in an alternate version of the Lone Star Republic that was never a part of the United States (and where Richard Wagner and Scott Joplin teamed up in the east Texas city of New Orleans to write the epic opera, Die Alamo) an unlikely trio of Texas Rangers races against time and foreign enemies to claim the wreckage of an unknown spacecraft near the west Texas town of Roswell.

Rex May is a humorist, gag writer, and "cartoonists' cartoonist" whose work appears virtually everywhere, and who signs it, "Baloo".


The sixth unsuccessful expedition of would-be Martian colonists, stranded and abandoned on the Red Planet by the government of East America and the United Nations, are saved by William and Body, the sons of Emerson Ngu, who show them a new way to terraform a planet in the face of violent opposiion on Earth. (Fits between Pallas and Ceres.)


The asteroid survey vessel Rosalie Frazier discovers evidence of a horrifying crime committed by the government of East America almost a century ago, and an old, sick man without hope rediscovers youth, adventure, and the love of the most beautiful girl in the Solar System. (Follows and is contemporary with Ceres.)


Go to and click through to the various sources. Out-of-print books may be had from

Three-time Prometheus Award-winner L. Neil Smith is the author of 23 books, including The American Zone, Forge of the Elders, Pallas, The Probability Broach, Hope (with Aaron Zelman), and his collection of articles and speeches, Lever Action, all of which may be purchased through his website "The Webley Page" at Autographed copies may be had from the author at

Neil is presently at work on Ceres and Ares, two sequels to his 1993 novel, Pallas, a decensored and electronically published version of his 1984 novel, Tom Paine Maru, and on Roswell, Texas, with Rex F. "Baloo" May. A 180-page full-color graphic novel version of The Probability Broach will be released this summer.

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