NeuClear and Utilikilts

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 28 May 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From picks:
"Half of all people have a below average understanding of statistics." -- Unknown

From geekwitha.45:

"From where I sit, if Bush is President, the chances of a massive terrorist attack in the U.S. are relatively remote, but still significant. If Kerry's President, the odds are significant, but still relatively remote." -- Spoons

# Utilikilts sells freedom for men. Freedom from bifurcated legwear, that is. Don't miss Utilikilts Company's Top 10 Reasons for Wearing a Kilt or Utilikilts Customer's Top 100+ Reasons for Wearing a Kilt. Hehe. I'm tempted (to buy a kilt that is, not to do something unseemly with the guy in the seamless garment below). [smith2004]

Carpenter wearing kilt

# AmeriKilt also makes kilts for Americans. [survivalarts]

# I'm trying out Blogads in the right-hand column. So far, I've just used it for my bumper sticker ad. If you'd like to order an ad, you can do so via the "Advertise Here" link. If you ask nicely, and I like your ad, I'll give you my "offer code" so that you can order an ad for free. But I'd sure like a few paying ads... [kimdutoit]

# New York Post - Pols Not Sweet on Candy Ban BugMeNot - Gary Popkin, the vice chair of the Brooklyn Republican Party, offered a spoof resolution banning candy. This would be, of course, the logical conclusion of bans on cigarettes and fatty foods. [villagechoice]

# Sunni Maravillosa at The Mansfield News Journal - Charges don't serve justice - another letter about Hunter's case in the paper serving the county where his trial may eventually take place. [lrtdiscuss]

# May 27, 1999 - Darrell Scott Testimony - this has been flying around the net for five years now, and its as worthwhile a read as ever. The Columbine High School shootings were not the fault of the NRA or a gun, they happened because of the slow death of the human spirit. [scopeny]

# Harry Browne - How Much Is Hussein's Departure Worth? - Harry Browne asks the relevant question about the cost of throwing Saddam out of Iraq. The members of the U.S. military who are on the ground there have answered his question in the affirmative. To everyone else who supports this war, shut the fuck up. [lew]

# Pelle Braendgaard via Claire Wolfe - Open-Source Challenge to Proprietary Payment Systems - a press release about the beta release of NeuClear, a new online payment system. It's a Java Web Start application. It errored early in the download process in my JDK 1.4.2_04 installation, so I can't comment on the user interface. [claire]

According to Pelle Braendgaard, NeuClear's lead developer, "We want NeuClear to be the Skype of payment systems. NeuClear will change everything from micro-lending to online payments to wire transfers. We even intend to offer an inexpensive alternative to Western Union and MoneyGram."

NeuClear is an open-source protocol for processing payments, exchanges and other business transactions. It is intended to replace today's non-interoperable, proprietary, payment systems. NeuClear differs radically from these old legacy systems by creating an environment of unprecedented transparency--including the ability to monitor any transaction in real-time and to archive and later audit, every step of every transaction.

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