November 2004

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 01 Dec 2004 11:55:45 GMT
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Monday, 1 November: Vote Badnarik for President in 2004

Tuesday, 2 November: Fascist Empire or Communist World Gummint: Your Choice Wednesday, 3 November: Ohio Decides It Thursday, 4 November: Heil Bushcroft! Forty More Wars! Friday, 5 November: Christmas Ideas from VPC Saturday, 6 November: Slow Noose Day Sunday, 7 November: America Bends Over Again Monday, 8 November: Coffee Withdrawal: Day Three Tuesday, 9 November: The Iraqi Alamo Wednesday, 10 November: Good Riddance, I Hope Thursday, 11 November: ... Polite Society Friday, 12 November: 99% of the "Law" Ain't Anybody's Business Saturday, 13 November: Remington Model 7600P Patrol Rifle Sunday, 14 November: An Ornery Sunday in November Monday, 15 November: Incredible Tuesday, 16 November: Short of Time This Morning Wednesday, 17 November: Keyhole Rocks! Thursday, 18 November: Still Recovering from My 3am Tuesday Night Friday, 19 November: National Ammo Day, 2004 Saturday, 20 November: Vermont Carry National Sunday, 21 November: Gitmo Gonna Getcha Monday, 22 November: Deer Season Begins in New York Tuesday, 23 November: Prepare to be Groped Wednesday, 24 November: Supudubya Thursday, 25 November: Turkey Day, 2004 Friday, 26 November: Before You Step on the Rattlesnake Saturday, 27 November: Savage Arms Model 210F Slug Warrior Sunday, 28 November: Non-Coercive Parenting, Bill of Rights Enforcement Monday, 29 November: Turn Your Back on Bush Tuesday, 30 November: x-friend

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