Remington Model 7600P Patrol Rifle

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 13 Nov 2004 13:00:00 GMT
# Today is the seventh day of coffee withdrawal, and I already feel like the monkey is off of my back. Better sleep, more energy, and my brain has been fully-functional since Thursday. I will, of course, start drinking it again in a month or so, but for now, I'm happy to be on the wagon.

# Remington Law Enforcement - Model 7600P Patrol Rifle - I handled one of these yesterday at the local evil black rifle store. 16.5" barrel, pump action, ghost ring Breaching Shotgun rear sight & white dot on post in front, .308 caliber. Felt like my 870 Express shotgun. Yum. Also check out the 870P MAX Shotgun. Or download a Remington Law Enforcement Catalog in PDF (where I snarfed the 10" breaching shotgun image).

When a tactical situation requires a rifle with unquestionable reliability and durability, the Model 7600P Patrol Rifle will set a new standard. Stay tuned for the new 7615P in .223 Rem that utilizes an AR-15 magazine.
Remington Model 7600P

# Andy Steadman at No Treason - What are your favorite things? - a rewrite of an old song (from The Sound of Music) that my mother often played on the piano. Hehe.

# Curt Anderson at Guardian Unlimited - Ashcroft Condemns Judges Who Question Bush - how dare they interfere with his imperial rule! [smith2004]

# Pace at - The Versatile Shotgun - one man's pretty-good short article about the shotgun. He recommends a 12-gauge pump gun loaded with #1 buck for social work. Lots more firearms reviews on the Law Enforcement, Military and Personal Defense page. [clairefiles]

# John Ross - The Tree Has a Fork in It, or Whither the Democrats? Part II - Mr. Ross takes his second cousin, Jane Smiley, to task for her Slate article dissing red-state America.

I don't go to church, Jane, but the amazing thing is, I know lots of people who go every week, and they like me anyway. They like me, they've never told me I'm going to burn in hell, and they've never tried to get me to convert to their religion. They even ask me my opinions on ethical matters and put stock in what I say! I do this Internet column, Ross in Range, where I give my views on things that interest me. Many columns discuss social and political issues, and I take strong positions that are almost always in direct opposition to what the stereotypical red state Bible-banger in your column would believe. I get lots of emails from regular churchgoers. Most of them take the tone of "I didn't think I would ever agree with your main point, but after reading your piece I've had to rethink my own position. Thank you for making my brain work a little harder." From my experience, most religious people are pretty smart, and open to logical reasoning. They go to church not because they're ignorant, but because it's something that makes them happier and more fulfilled. Two of the wisest men I know are ordained ministers. From what I have seen, their sermons aren't full of what you describe: Believe the literal word of the Bible or you'll burn in hell. Instead, these ministers inspire people to do good things, help those who need it, and make people's lives better. What kind of good things? Oh, I don't know, maybe writing books full of touching descriptions about the kindness, realness and intelligence of the people who live in red states. Something like that. And neither of these men has ever tried to get me to attend church. Maybe it's just because I'm bigger than they are...

# SoftwariuM - Restore Desktop 2.0 - Tiny (78K) Microsoft Windows Context Menu addition that restores your desktop icon positions after a resolution change. Free. Advertised to work in all versions since '98. Worked for me in XP. I will never again have to reposition all my icons after my son uses the flight simluator on my computer. Yay! [google]

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You Yanks

Submitted by walther on Thu, 27 Jan 2011 06:00:06 GMT

what is this shit???? End the war of Freedom???? ... do i have to remind you people who started it??? FYR, in case you forget, it was the christian neo nazi, BUSH and his 2 side kicks. whom by the way, made a massive amount of money through HB, etc.,. Oh, and i am not a lefty, quite the opposite. spend half my life in Special Ops and know what is a good idea and what is not. Little Georgie and his mates are by far the biggest war criminals of the last 3 decades. the only thing they have achieved, apart from getting the USA in a dire position, is that all these bloody muslims have united and are pissed off and can not wait to meet 70 virgins. congrates you guys, well done, well done indeed. you should leave International Politics to the Old World. by the way, i do have a 7600P .308. great gun. that is what you guys are good at, making weapons.

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Heh. I named this blog in 1999

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 27 Jan 2011 13:17:02 GMT

Heh. I named this blog in 1999, during Slick Willie's reign. It started as being mostly anti-drug-war. I totally agree with you that we need a new Nuremburg trial for George W. Bush and his friends. Hang the lot of 'em. Obama, too. He's doing his part to expand the war on freedom, which started before the ink was dry on the Constitution, was consummated by Lincoln, whose war ended chattel slavery by enslaving the whole population, was greatly expanded by FDR, and has continued to this day.

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