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# Nuclear Druid at The Claire Files - Weeklong media blitz against homeschoolers - long thread on an Akron Beacon-Journal series dissing home schooling. I posted the following on page 4. It needs expanding. An article entitled "Democracy is Murder, Mass Murder" is brewing. [clairefiles]
The reason I don't want to go to the school board or town council meeting or whatever is that then I'm a part of something that I consider to be pure evil. When a bunch of people vote, no matter how representative they might be and no matter how big a majority they might be, if even one person is forced against his/her will to do something that he/she wouldn't otherwise do, then everyone involved in that initiation of force is wrong, hideously wrong. You see the problem is that even the smallest little thing, like a $1 rise in the property tax, in our system of government comes along with a gun pointed at your head. Refuse to pay that $1, and you'll get a letter in the mail. Ignore that letter, and the police will come to your house. Resist them, and they will shoot you dead. Somehow that $1 is considered worth killing people over. I cannot in any way support a system that works that way. It must be unanimous consent or those who disagree must be excluded from the requirement or the system is evil.

More and more I realize that anybody who believes in majority rule has no right to life. Most people don't really believe in majority rule since they don't realize that it means killing people for the smallest resistance of the majority edict. But if they still think that the majority should rule after understanding this property of the current system, they are hopeless cases, not worth a millisecond of my time or a penny of my money.

It's taken me a number of years to come to the place where I can state this so succinctly and with such certainty. I'm not likely to be dissuaded.

# Michael Bradshaw at The Libertarian Enterprise - Fixing the Tiger - why government cannot be "fixed". It must be ended, forever. [tle]

Her metaphor of bookshelves, bikes and playground equipment is wrong because these things are made for legitimate purposes. When they malfunction there is a fault that can usually be fixed to make them work correctly. That does not apply to an evil government. When a government does evil it is not malfunctioning. It is working correctly and according to plan. There is nothing to fix.

Government has four basic functions. All other things that government does are mere lies, window dressing and sugar coating. The four functions are:
The reason for this is that government, all government, is a criminal enterprise. It has no legitimate purpose.

The reason for that is that all government is set up and run by psychopaths, for psychopaths, for psychopathic reasons and goals. In short, politicians and the people who believe in and worship them--are insane. That is why all government always selects its members from the worst dregs of society and excludes the sane people. Other, mentally healthy, people suffer from what I call, for want of a better term, the "Solipsist Fallacy"; by which they ascribe their own feelings, thoughts or goals to others in the mistaken belief that those others are just like them. In social situations that can cost one embarrassment. In politics it can, and often does, cost one his life and the lives of his family. And in the last century it has cost the lives of about 250,000,000 people--to war and genocide--the politician's "great games".

# L. Reichard White at The Libertarian Enterprise Greetings from Falluja - a picture painted in the blood of innocent Iraqis, excerpted from news stories and essays. Disgusting. Collateral damage my ass. [tle]

In addition to the artillery and the warplanes dropping 500, 1000, and 2000-pound bombs, and the murderous AC-130 Spectre gunships that can demolish a whole city block in less than a minute, the Marines had snipers criss-crossing the whole town. For weeks, Fallujah was a series of sometimes mutually inaccessible pockets, divided by the no-man's-lands of sniper fire paths. Snipers fired indiscriminately, usually at whatever moved. Of 20 people I saw come into the clinic ...only five were "military-age males." I saw old women, old men, a child of 10 shot through the head ...

# Vin Suprynowicz at The Las Vegas Review-Journal - We'll be busting your door in - Deputy "Veejay" proves Vin's point about how police cause crime.

"Why would we have laws in a land of no police?" the deputy asks. It appears unlikely he has bothered to read The Voluntary City, the book from which I cited the lesson in question about why modern "police forces" were actually created in England in the early 19th century.

What the academic research demonstrates is that England had a perfectly adequate set of "laws" from the 13th century right up through 1800 ... and no police. None. It was a polite and pleasant and lawful land ... without any police.

After the police were created, crime rates went up. Why? Because in order to keep the lower classes in line, police cause "crime," by defining as "crimes" things that were never "crimes" before. By lurking outside in the bushes at midnight, peeking in our windows and trying to catch us "having sex and babies, smoking dope that (we've) manufactured and playing with firearms."

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