Keyhole Rocks!

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 17 Nov 2004 13:00:00 GMT
From brad. How to turn a few baloons into excitement:
Rocket Balloons

John DeRosier at The Albany (NY) Times Union - Whack a mole - my title. Cartoon commentary on the U.S. chasing of "insurgents" in Iraq. Huhuhuhuhu.

# I did my part yesterday for National Ammo Day/Week. Bought a 160-round battle pack of Australian .308, and powder, bullets, and primers for 500 rounds of .44 magnum cowboy action loads. You've got until Saturday to buy at least 100 rounds of ammo or components.

# The image on the right-side of the title box is a HitMaps image of where hits to this weblog come from. Larger red circles mean more hits. I'll try this for a little while and see what I think. It shouldn't slow down page loading, since it's a dynamically generated image with a known size. [jomama]

# My Ancap Wiki has been getting hit with lots of spam, so Junker and I decided to put a password on it. If you want to make changes, just ask, and I'll tell you the password and how to use it. The idea isn't to restrict access to real people with content to add. We just want to save the time it takes to get rid of robot-generated garbage. I spent at least an hour doing that last night.

# Google Press Release - Google Acquires Keyhole Corp - three weeks ago, Google announced its acquisition of Keyhole, a digital mapping company, that allows you to view satellite images of the globe, with many US cities available in 1 foot resolution. Free seven-day trial, $29.95 for one year of personal use, or $599 for professional use. Wicked cool! [google]

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