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Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 20 Nov 2004 13:00:00 GMT
Kevin Tuma - Virgins - cartoon commentary on the death of Yassar Arafat. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

# Old Horseman - Open Letter to Libertarians - why now is a good time to push for My permit was granted in 1791 Vermont Carry National legislation, and why the Democrat party is the place to start. Much more at Old Horseman's Vermont Carry National Index, which I added to my links page in the "Individuals" column of the "RKBA" section. I ordered a 10-pack of My Permit Was Granted in 1791 buttons. [smith2004]

# My latest rant in a scopeny thread recommending that people remain silent if arrested for possessing a "high-capacity" magazine, post-ban versions of which are still illegal in New York state, since it has a forever state version of the now-defunct federal "assault weapons" ban. Bad place to say this, might even get me booted, but I couldn't resist.

It never ceases to amaze me that we've allowed our government SERVANTS to declare it a felony to possess a bent piece of sheet metal containing a spring and plastic follower (or to possess the dried flowers of a common weed). Why are these tyrants, every legislator who ever voted for such a "law" and every cop who ever enforced one, not hanging from the nearest lamppost? Why do we suggest that peaceful, law-abiding citizens remain silent when arrested for this travesty instead of shooting the declared kidnapper dead? After all, what IS arrest for breaking a "law" with no authority to be but assault and kidnapping, a violent and heinous crime? Or is there some magic incantation that turns a fancy uniform, funny hat, and shiny badge into a license to kidnap?

# Damaged Justice - More Stupid Security - comments on the metal detector at the court house he visited for a wedding. Lots more similar stuff at [misanthropes]

# Dave Workman at Gun Week - GRPC Final Part: Activists Told National CCW In Sight on Political Horizon - final report on the final day, September 26, of the 19th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference. Massaad Ayoob expects nationwide concealed carry, but not quickly. Alan Korwin reminds us that conealed carry permit reciprocity is a bad idea.

Someone who knows guns laws is author Korwin, and his philosophy differed considerably from that of his panel colleagues.

"Reciprocity is a scam," Korwin asserted. "It's a system for denying your rights. We have embraced it, which is a mistake."

He said a reciprocity listing of states that either will or will not recognize someone's CPL is wrong. He called the existing situation "nonsense." In his home state of Arizona, Korwin said the term for going armed is "constitutional carry."

"It cannot be infringed," Korwin stated.

He called reciprocity "a good first step . . . backwards." In Arizona, concealed and open carry are legal just about everywhere. One place where there remains a problem is in a so-called "gun free" zone.

"Gun free zones are a fraud," he insisted. "Under the image of making you safe they deny your ability to protect yourself. That's fraudulent. Denying your right to protect yourself does not make you safe. Because it's fraudulent, it ought to be against the law. It's reckless, it's negligent."

Korwin advocates making property owners legally liable if they ban guns on their premises and someone is injured by a criminal as a result. He also believes that school administrators should be allowed to be armed, and that schools should offer firearms safety courses as part of their regular classroom curriculum.

"In Arizona we're going to introduce a bill that makes marksmanship a requirement for a diploma," he announced.

This is the tenth year of concealed carry in Arizona, and Korwin said several Arizona residents owe their lives to having had guns available when they needed one.

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