Savage Arms Model 210F Slug Warrior

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 27 Nov 2004 13:00:00 GMT
From kaba:
"Some people think that the Second Amendment is an outdated relic of an earlier time. Doubtless some also think that constitutional protections of other rights are outdated relics of earlier times. We The People own those rights regardless, unless and until We The People repeal them. For those who believe it to be outdated, the Second Amendment provides a good test of whether their allegiance is really to the Constitution of the United States, or only to their preferences in public policies and audiences. The Constitution is law, not vague aspirations, and we are obligated to protect, defend, and apply it. If the Second Amendment were truly an outdated relic, the Constitution provides a method for repeal. The Constitution does not furnish the federal courts with an eraser." -- 9th Circuit Court Judge Andrew Kleinfeld, dissenting opinion in which the court refused to rehear the case while citing deeply flawed anti-Second Amendment nonsense (Nordyke v. King; opinion filed April 5, 2004)

# Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest - "Declaration Of Independence Banned" - It's A Lie! - an alternative interpretation of the Stevens Creek Elementary School story I ranted about on Thanksgiving day. Mr. Johnson thinks the teacher was using excerpts of our founding documents as part of blatantly Christian material. Sigh. Reality is always complicated, eh?

# Ron Paul at - Stay Out of Sudan's Civil War - speech given to the House on November 19. Another war for oil? [lew]

It seems as if this has been all reduced to a few slogans, tossed around without much thought or care about real meaning or implication. We unfortunately see this often with calls for intervention. One thing we do know, however, is that Sudan is floating on a sea of oil. Why does it always seem that when we hear urgent clamor for the United States to intervene, oil or some other valuable commodity just happens to be present? I find it interesting that so much attention is being paid to oil-rich Sudan while right next door in Congo the death toll from its civil war is estimated to be two to three million -- several times the estimated toll in Sudan.

# GeekWithA.45 - With Respect To The Question of The Unwanted Laying On of Hands... - a slightly less violent response than mine to the announcement by the Taking Scissors Away volk that they intend to feel up women, allegedly searching for hidden bombs. [geekwitha.45]

I contemplate that Aikido provides us with a number of viscerally satisfying answers.

They are all subtle movements, and if you choose not to carry them through to their wrist shattering permanent damage conclusions, you are left with a great deal of plausible deniability, to the extent that you can plausibly deny having anything to do with the puddle of wailing agony at your feet. (Which is not all all, really)


Meanwhile, the TSA inspection lines bubble their way towards being flashpoints, and it is only a matter of time before a riot unfolds in an airport.

# Craig Roberts at - You Have Papers? - why Mr. Roberts doesn't fly any more. He gets "randomly selected" for search every time he flies. [whatreallyhappened]

Let me confess what kind of "criminal suspect" I am: I served in the US Marine Corps from 1964-1968, twelve months of which I was in Vietnam as a Marine infantryman, hunting Vietcong for Uncle Sam's Shooting Club. I was wounded in action and medevaced home. I was awarded six combat decorations including the Purple Heart, Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Service Medal and Vietnam Campaign medal. I went on to serve later in the Army National Guard, as an NCO, then obtaining a comission as the oldest member of my OCS class. I rose through the ranks, eventually transferring ot the Army Reserve to serve as a company commander, battalion staff officer, and finally an intel officer. I retired in 1999 as a lieutenant colonel with 30 years total service. I am now also a 60% disabled vet due to combat wounds which have worsened over the years.

At the same time my day job was as a police officer. I served 26 years with the Tulsa PD, working uniform, plain clothes, SWAT, bomb squad and finally as a police helicopter pilot for 3600 hours of flight time. I received the department's Medal of Valor, two Chief's Medals, and the Department Commendation Medal. Not exactly the profile of a terrorist suspect, eh?

My sin, evidently, was using the First Amendment. By writing books that exposed government corruption I became a "suspicious character"--someone to add to The List.

# Savage Arms - Model 210F Slug Warrior - the last time I went to the range, a group of hunters were sighting in four of these. It's the perfect "rifle" for shotgun-only hunting, or any hunting for that matter. A bolt-action 12 gauge with a button-rifled barrel. Holds two in the mag and one in the pipe. Scope only. Effective out to 200 yards. Comes with black or camo stock.

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