Before You Step on the Rattlesnake

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 26 Nov 2004 13:00:00 GMT
From rense:
Happy Thanksgiving from the Bush Administration

# Craig Urda Russell at Endervidualism - Blood, Power, and Freedom - an impassioned plea to freedom lovers to stop eating animal cadavers. [sunni]

# Nicky Samengo-Turner at The Spectator - New Labour's police state BugMeNot - it appears that England has reached the stage where the only rational response to being stopped by the police is to kill them. Ms. Samengo-Turner was stopped for a random search, and arrested for carrying a Swiss army knife. Mirrored at [samizdata]

I unlocked the doors and they went through my car and its contents: my overnight bag, my wash bag and glove box. Next, they gestured towards my briefcase and asked if I could open it. Of course, I said, and as I lifted the lid I pointed out to them a Victorinox Swiss multi-tool, contained in a small webbing case, and a small collapsible baton, contained in another piece of webbing.

It is perfectly legal to buy both of these items. The penknife I carry because I find it useful for many small everyday tasks --cutting through packaging, opening bottles. The baton I bought over the Internet to keep at home for security reasons. I live in a rural part of Suffolk that, although thankfully relatively crime-free, is policed very sparsely. I often hear people outside the house at night -- that same Wednesday evening, for instance, my wife discovered a harmless but mentally ill tramp yelling loudly in a nearby barn -- and I feel more comfortable with the baton inside the front door. A week or so before my police search, I had discovered my nine- and twelve-year-old girls playing with it and had locked it in my briefcase for safekeeping.

The community support officers reacted immediately. They behaved as if they had never seen a penknife before, pulling out the bottle-opener, the corkscrew, the thing that gets stones out of horses' hooves. 'This device has a locking blade,' said the constable, after which a short, whispered debate ensued. My goodwill towards the police began to give way to alarm. I reached for my mobile to call the lawyers and explain that I was going to be late for my meeting, but the constable stopped me. 'Turn that phone off,' he said. 'You're about to be arrested for possessing offensive weapons and carrying a bladed instrument in public. You'll be allowed one call when we get you to Charing Cross police station.'

# Bruce Simpson at - Do you need a cheap cruise missile? - Mr. Simpson built a low-costcruise missile last year (under $5,000 in parts). Because of that, he has been denied employment by the New Zealand government. He's looking to relocate and build cruise missiles. He says that he "will not knowingly work for anyone involved in the planning or committing of terrorist acts." Hmmm... What else is there to do with a cruise missile? Or does he think that government-sponsored wars are somehow different than garden-variety terrorist attacks? [notreasonblog]

# anonymous at Fred's M14 Stocks - Kofi: "Before you step on the rattlesnake... - a letter to Kofi Annan explaining in very clear language why it would not be a good idea to attempt to disarm Americans. [publicola]

I didn't used to be so blunt. For many years I have argued history, law, facts and logic with liberal gun-grabbers of my own country. I have come to the conclusion that such arguments are useless exercises. In the end it always boils down to a conversation I once had with a child psychiatrist just before a "gun violence seminar".

The psychiatrist announced boldly (he thought): "Well, I think ALL guns should be banned."

"Really?" I responded, "Do YOU have a gun?"

"WWWWW Well, NO!" he stammered, seemingly as shocked as a lesbian would be if asked about male anatomy or Dracula if asked to hold a pcrucifix.

"Well, then," I smiled, "How do you propose to get mine then?" I asked.

That one puzzled him, but only for a second: "Why, we'll pass a law and you'll have to turn them into the government."

"Wrong, sport," I replied, "let me tell you how this works: If you want my gun you're gonna have to kill me to get it. You're gonna have to kill my son. You're gonna have to kill my brother. You're gonna have to kill all my friends. And if even 10% of American gun owners feel the way I do, you're gonna have to kill upwards of eight and a half million people, and that doesn't count all the godless gungrabbers like you that we'll kill in righteous self-defense before we meet our Maker, and we intend to make that more than a one-to-one ratio, so you've got to ask yourself: 'Is it worth it?'"

The psychiatrist, somewhat nonplussed by my vehemence, started backing up about half way through this oration and responded by stammering: "WWWWWWhy you're paranoid!"

I smiled and said softly, "Well, let's accept the expertness of that snap judgement, you being a psychiatrist and all. Let's say I'm 'paranoid.'" I offered. "Let's say I'm crazy." I winked at him. "I'm still armed to the teeth, that just complicates your problem, doesn't it?"

He turned to flee but I hooked him with one last question: "Can you just do me one favor, sport?"

He turned, listening.

"Just do me this favor: you want my guns, YOU come get them. Have the courage of your convictions and YOU come get them. Don't send somebody else's son or daughter in federal service to come get them. YOU come get them. And hey, I may even let you have 'em after I unload 'em."

The psychiatrist, like me, was on the seminar panel, and he waited in the back of the room until I took a seat, and then found the chair as far away from me as he could get.

# Metropipe - The Portable Virtual Privacy Machine is a tiny Linux system that runs in a virtual machine emulator. It's designed to be installed on a pocket USB drive or other portable storage device. It uses Damn Small Linux (DSL). Currently runs on Windows and Linux, with an OSX version in the works. It's an 84 meg zip file that expands into 122 megs. Ran pretty slowly on my 1 GHz laptop (especially Firefox, use the Dillo web browser instead), but still kule. It appears that the virtual machine emulator, qemu, will work with any bootable ISO. I had a Knoppix ISO on my disk, and it booted fine, though it was very slow; booting from the Knoppix CD is quite fast on my machine.

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