Fascist Empire or Communist World Gummint: Your Choice

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 02 Nov 2004 13:00:00 GMT
From clairefiles:
"Get your tongue out of my mouth, I'm kissing you goodbye." -- Waylon Jennings

From The Federalist:

"Vote: The instrument and symbol of a free man's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country." -- Ambrose Bierce
"Before the election of local, state or federal legislators be sure to find out where they stand on the issue of education. For the Federal government to be involved in education at all is in blatant violation of the U.S. Constitution. Don't fall for socialist con words like 'choice' or 'accountability' in education. In socialist doublespeak 'choice' means you might be permitted to choose among several different government schools in your area (all of which are promoting the same socialist programs). 'Accountability' means accountable to government, not to parents. Make it known in no uncertain terms that you want to take back the educational system that made America the greatest nation on earth --FREEDOM in education!" -- Debbie O'Hara

# eminem - Mosh Video - powerful get-out-the-anti-Bush-vote message for the hip-hop crowd. Real or Windows Media. [smith2004]

# Benedict D. LaRosa at The Future of Freedom Foundation - Gun Control: A Historical Perspective - history of militias and an armed vs. disarmed populace. From Part 2: [scopeny]

A popular story at the turn of the century concerned an earlier visit by the Crown Prince and later Kaiser of Germany, Wilhelm Hohenzollern, to view the Swiss militia in training. He supposedly asked the Swiss commander how many men he had under arms. When the commander answered one million, Wilhelm asked what would happen if five million of his men crossed the Swiss border tomorrow. The Swiss commander replied that each of his men would fire five shots and go home.

No one knows whether this had anything to do with the scrapping of the German plan to flank France at the onset of World War I by passing through the northern Swiss lowlands, or of the French plan to attack the German flank through Switzerland, but most Swiss and many historians think it did.

# Ali Hassan Massoud at Strike the Root - On Being Hated in Your Own Home: Arab-Americans in the Heartland - Mr. Massoud doesn't look Arab, and he grew up in America's heartland, so he has an ideal perspective to see how hatred and genocide can be set off among otherwise decent people. If you hate "ragheads", or know people who do, please read this. [clairefiles]

Imagine that troops from another nation and another culture occupied America . Or Michigan . And they did all the things our troops do and did. And have trashed, bombed or otherwise ruined the infrastructure, both public and private, needed for decent living. And on top of that killed thousands of us in "collateral damage" incidents. How long do suppose it would be before these red-blooded Americans like my friends in the coffee shop started taking potshots at the occupiers? Or making IEDs to set off when they patrol through their neighborhood to collect guns and rummage through their homes? Unless I am totally wrong about America and Americans, it would be soon. And it would be unrelenting.

Hotheads would likely even go to the extremes of taking, humiliating and executing hostages and other acts of sadistic and horrifying terrorism. And Americans would (mostly) condemn it too. Just like the Iraqis do.

# Elias Alias at The Mental Militia - Trick or Treat: The Impossible Pumpkin - on this year's biggest, most frightening, Halloween costume: dressing up the election as an important choice. [clairefiles]

Our once-servant Government has turned into a devilish Goblin-ment, or perhaps it appears as a Gobble-ment, demanding candy from the tax payers like any child who has been taught that doing so is expected and condoned. Perhaps we've trained it to act that way, just as we've trained out children to expect the thrilling frights and trickery of Halloween. Perhaps we've trained our busy Government to act like a spoiled brat. After all, we let the Warren Commission put us all to sleep, did we not?

However our lives have disintegrated into what we see on this year's Halloween, we know since 911 that we must give the Government a "treat", or the Goblin-ment will surely "trick" us all. That is the pyramid-peak point of concentrated power in the skeletal structure of Goblin-ment, of Gobble-ment, of Government. Deny the IRS, stand up against it, and the full might of the Gobble-ment is quickly arrayed against one, right? They will put you in jail, steal your assets, give you high-interest fines, even at times shoot you, if you defy the IRS.

But this year, Government does not want just our candy, just our tax dollars.

This year Government wants our "belief" in addition to our collective support of its sinister game. This year we must believe, and react properly to, each change in the colorful "terror alert code". We must believe, and fear the dreaded monster now named "Islam". We must hate Islam because Government says so; because Government has decreed that Islam attacked us on 911. And we must all agree that Gobble-ment knows more than do we, for Gobble-ment has the CIA and NORAD and the Secret Service and the FBI and, and, and the Pentagon, the fitting Halloween symbol of dispersed authority.

Choir-boy Cheney is all over the place threatening a quaking, trembling public with a massive "terrorist" attack if Bush isn't voted back into office. This year, antichrist-Ashcroft and his minions, sporting masked Hitlerian tactics such as the Model States Emergency Health Powers Act and the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 and a bag full of subsequent "Acts" to follow, all costumed-up to look like the Angel of Life, Security, and Eternal Joy, are legislating razor blades into the national apple and sealing it with caramel coatings sweet and tasty and sprinkled with nuts, for the good little trusting "believers" who've bought Bush's and Cheney's lie about 911.


Now we are about to get broadsided. Let's put Halloween on a roller-coaster. Dick Cheney is going to be exposed as the coordinator of the government's attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon on the morning of 9112001. The entire neo-con hierarchy is crumbling under Internet exposure. Al Gore may have been the Messiah sent to save us after all, in giving us the Internet. Military brass is on the verge of leaking it in hopes of favor with the people in the coming storm. It's coming out of the bag: Government, Gobble-ment, Goblin-ment, the triptych in which we now see ourselves on this direst of dire Halloweens, that Government is about to be caught in the greatest fraud in the history of mankind, and all Hell is gonna break loose. We may have waited too late.

Elements within the U.S. Federal government conceived, implemented, orchestrated, and carried out the attacks of 911. And, unlike the Warren Commission's report, their sins are no longer able to hide from public knowledge.


There is a choice on this coming November 02, 2004. The choice, our choice, is between a Bush-led campaign for global Empire in a totalitarian military-police state fascism, and a socialist anti-sovereignty merger into the United Nations under Kerry. But neither choice shall stop the mechanism of oversized government in its quest to drown us all in yet another inconceivable "terrorist" event, coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

# Bill Whittle - A Final Thought Before the Show - Mr. Whittle doesn't think this election is all that important, but he says here why he'll vote for Bushnev, and why he's unhappy that he voted for Gore in 2000. I posted the following: [kimdutoit]

Mauser said, "Others have pointed out that there's a concept in islam (I forget the word they gave) that lying to infidels is not a sin..." Change "islam" to "politics" and "infidels" to "voters" and your statement is equally true. Especially so for Bush and Kerry. I don't believe a single word that comes out of the mouth of either of those tyrants.

Vote Libertarian, or vote from the rooftops. Your choice.

# George Phillies at Liberty for All - Libertarians for Bush are Libertarians Against Liberty - likewise for a vote for Kerry, opines Mr. Phillies, including many parallels between the neofascist neocons and their nazi brethren. [smith2004]

The Emerging Police State: When we see films of trains in 1930s Europe, and watch the tall handsome man working down the seats asking 'Your Papers, please?' we know he is not the hero of the piece. Travel papers were a control method. Their modern counterparts understand the method. Neoconservatives are hard at work instituting a state travel paper system--to the limited extent that we do not already have one.

Arrest without trial: The Germans had a wonderful phrase 'smoke and fog' for the disappearance of political undesirables. The Neoconservatives have brought arrest without trial to the United States, with the incarceration of Mr. Padilla in a military prison camp.

Conscription and National Service as tools for lining up the young people and brainwashing them into obeying their masters. Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry may say they are not planning on reviving the draft, but they put their money on maintaining and enhancing the Selective Service System.

Neoconservatism: It's Neofascism in Red, White, and Blue Bunting.

# Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - The Electoral College vs. Mob Rule - if you think the electoral college should be abolished, then you are an enemy of liberty (unless you think that all voting should be abolished, that is).

Those who call for the abolition of the electoral college are hostile to liberty. Not surprisingly, most advocates of abolition are statist elites concentrated largely on the east and west coasts. These political, economic, academic, media, and legal elites overwhelmingly favor a strong centralized federal government, and express contempt for the federalist concept of states' rights. They believe in omnipotent federal power, with states acting as mere glorified federal counties carrying out commands from Washington.

The electoral college threatens the imperial aims of these elites because it allows the individual states to elect the president, and in many states the majority of voters still believe in limited government and the Constitution. Voters in southern, midwestern, and western states- derided as "flyover" country-- tend to value family, religion, individual liberty, property rights, and gun rights. Washington elites abhor these values, and they hate that middle and rural America hold any political power whatsoever. Their efforts to discredit the electoral college system are an open attack on the voting power of the pro-liberty states.

# Claire Wolfe - Machine gun rock & roll - Claire and friends put 600 rounds of .45 ACP through a full-auto Mac-10. Apparently, with a little training, you can learn to keep a machine gun on target. [claire]

The Mac-10 was fully tricked out with a rifle stock, extended barrel, nice compensator, and Russian-made holosights. Very hot -- literally very hot after we each put 100 rounds or so through it. Nobody but UnReconstructed himself had ever shot a machine gun before. (Well, technically I did, once, many years ago. But that was a badly homemade job and I fired only a couple of rounds out of it, fearful it was going to blow up in my hands. This was a gunsmith's gun -- very smooth.) He had "slowed it down" so it fired about 800 rounds per minute, instead of the 1200 per minute the Mac is designed to do. (I think 800 is plenty ...)

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