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From lrtdiscuss:
"I vote for more ammo." -- Bradley Felton

# The Fishbowl - One Step to Improve Your Online Security - Says that Microsoft's home page used an image to illustrate "Five Steps to Improve Your Online Security" (not there now, I looked), but the uncropped version of the image revealed a better method. Hehe. [cafe]

# Old Horseman - Halloween: Macabre Solutions for Handling the Would-Be Overlords - gruesome details of a number of appropriate ends for gummint goons of Revenuer: the OTHER other white meat all stripes. Crucifixion, impalement, hanging, exposure, enclosure, the rack, slow drowning, burning at the stake, stoning, pressing. Time-tested methods for expressing extreme displeasure.

The first thing you'll need to do is to securely tie the villain to the cross with his arms extended directly outward at 90 degrees from his body. Even if he's unconscious, tie him tight, 'cause the next part will damned sure wake him up!

Almost everyone these days knows that you can't crucify someone by nailing through their palms, since the nails will just pull through. The proper place to nail is actually just where the thumb part of the heel of the palm meets the wrist. This will put the nail through the mass of carpal bones and straight through the median nerve... This nerve may be the most sensitive of the human body. You may be able to find it on your own wrist by gently probing with your thumb-tip until you feel a queasy tingle from your fingertips to your elbow. A nail through it will create indescribable agony. Be sure to use the biggest spike nails available at your hardware store. 60d at bare minimum.

# Russell Madden at Atlas Magazine - The Miracle of Voting - Mr. Madden teaches a college class, with a simple hypothetical example, that theft is still theft no matter how many people vote for it. [clairefiles]

Unless and until all voters understand the true nature of modern-day voting as a means to distribute other people's wealth (rather than as merely a procedural means to elect those who will guard and protect our rights); unless and until they realize that it is wrong -- immoral -- to rob Peter to pay Paul and vice versa, we will continue down the path to a burgeoning State and a diminishing freedom.

I accept and acknowledge that such a sea-change in awareness and action among people today is unlikely to occur anytime soon. But there was a time not so long ago in this country when most citizens realized that they had no claim on the lives of other Americans. If such attitudes prevailed once, they can gain ascendancy again.

# The League of Non-Voters discourages democracy and opposes its major feature, voting. Black Ribbon Campaign Against Voting Though I intend to vote for Badnarik on Tuesday next, I understand the motivation of opposing all the trappings of the evil that is democracy. [smith2004]

Welcome to the League of Non-Voters. Sponsored by the Economic Government Group, this site is the focal point for the idea that political government doesn't work and, contrary to conventional wisdom, democracy may be the worst form of it of all. We offer essays and links to external resources, and invite you to participate in our Black Ribbon Campaign against voting.

# Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - Government Debt- The Greatest Threat to National Security - the $7.4 trillion debt ceiling has been reached, and Congress will "routinely" increase it once again.

The federal government issues U.S. Treasury bonds to finance its deficit spending. The largest holders of those Treasury notes-- our largest creditors-- are foreign governments and foreign individuals. Asian central banks and investors in particular, especially China, have been happy to buy U.S. dollars over the past decade. But foreign governments will not prop up our spending habits forever. Already, Asian central banks are favoring Euro-denominated assets over U.S. dollars, reflecting their belief that the American economy is headed for trouble. It's akin to a credit-card company cutting off a borrower who has exceeded his credit limit one too many times.

# The White Russian at Sunni and the Conspirators - The illusion show - a report on the October 17 "election" in Belarus, in which the dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, and his supporters "won" every position. I always wonder how people like Mr. Lukashenko manage to survive, thrive even, in a country where a majority of the population hates them. [sunni]

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