Two Republicans Dump Bush

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Sat, 23 Oct 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From kaba:
"As for the 'violence rating system'... the president thanked the industry for adopting such a system voluntarily, as had been requested by him and the first lady. Their reward for complying voluntarily? The government will now impose on them a better, federal system. See how it pays to cooperate?" -- Vin Suprynowicz

# I went to Best Buy yesterday and bought a $20 headset (Altec-Lansing AHS-202) to use with Skype. Tried one conversation just to test it. Amazing clarity. Better than any regular phone call. There was a small echo due to the other guy using speaker and microphone instead of headset. With both parties on headsets, I'll bet it will be even better. I also tried Skype on our Macintosh. The beta appears to work, though it requires Panther (OSX 10.3).

# Badnarik for President - Across the Divide: Bob Barr Supports Badnarik for President - though he's still a drug warrior, Mr. Barr is voting Libertarian this year, according to this press release on Michael Badnarik's campaign web site. [smith2004]

# Carl F. Worden at Sierra Times - The Last Straw - Carl Worden Makes His Vote Official - Mr. Worden, a lifetime Republican, is voting this election for John Kerry. This article says why. [sierra]

Three local teachers got tickets to the Bush rally, passed all the security checkpoints and scrutiny and got in. They never created or caused a disturbance, and they were perfectly peaceful members of the audience waiting to hear Bush speak. But before they got to hear Bush, they were expelled from the rally by Bush rally staff who objected to the words printed on the T-shirts they were wearing.

Tania Tong & Candice Julian - Medford teachers got booted from Bush rally Mail Tribune Photo No, the words on the T-shirts the ladies were wearing did not disparage Bush, nor did they suggest support for Kerry or any other candidate. The words did not condemn or support the war in Iraq, nor did they slam any Administration policy. No, the T-shirts the three women wore showed an American flag, and under it the words, "Protect Our Civil Liberties". That was all -- I kid you not.

That was it. That was the last straw for me. That was the defining moment I'll never forget. That was my epiphany.

Bryan Platt, Chairman of the Jackson County Republican Central Committee, said he stood 100 percent behind the person who made the decision to exclude the women, removing any doubt that one or two individuals exceeded their authority and blew it. No, it was solid, Republican neo-conservative fascist policy on open display, and the Brown Shirts weren't about to apologize for it. No way.

I am now a man without a political party. I will never again register as a Republican unless the party returns to what it was before the fascists took it over. I'm certainly not a Democrat or a liberal, but I might just register as a Democrat to help them avoid mistakes in the next primary, like running another John Kerry for president. Any moderate, pro-gun southern Democrat would have easily swept Bush aside this election. As it is, the race is so close it could go either way at this point.

# Dave Workman at Gun Week - Ban Gun Bans: 19th Annual Gun Rights Policy Conference - first of two parts covering opening remarks, the first two morning sessions and Wayne LaPierre's address about the gun grabbers.

Convincing American gunowners about the threat of global gun control is a tough job, as LaPierre learned recently on a visit to Wisconsin. He said many of the shooters he spoke with there refused to believe there is a looming problem.

"I was up in Wisconsin," he recalled. "A lot of those guys didn't believe it. This is real, its true and it's gonna be a huge problem."

He said these anti-gun groups, which are all recognized as "non-government organizations" (NGO)-same as is the NRA-"truly intend to come into our country and infect us like a germ."

"Gunowners around the country, if we're going to withstand this, need to see, feel and touch this threat," LaPierre stressed. "There's nothing new in what they're proposing, the same old global fantasy."

He labeled their plan as "Godmother Government," under which American citizens would be expected to live under a "UN standard" of freedom, without protections found in the Bill of Rights. There is a conference scheduled for 2006 during which Peters and her cronies will come to the UN pushing their proposals.

"Can you imagine President John Kerry appointing a United States delegation to that conference," LaPierre challenged. "This is real, this is not going away and these people mean business. They openly admit they're out to hijack our freedoms."

# Massad Ayoob at Backwoods Home Magazine - Armed civilians can help fight terrorism - why you should have a concealed handgun on your person, always and everywhere. Mr. Ayoob has written in the past that he thinks civilians should be required to have a permit to carry. Has he changed his mind?

More states than ever now authorize concealed carry of handguns. Vermont, the one state that has traditionally allowed that practice without any requirement for a permit or license, has recently been joined in that by an enlightened state of Alaska. More states than ever have reciprocity in this regard, that is, will accept concealed carry authorization issued by other states. Your best constantly-current source on the national concealed carry gun law situation is the web-site

# Greg Sukiennik of AP via My Way News - Boston Fan's Death May Prompt Alcohol Ban - Boston police kill a young woman with a "non-lethal" round. Mayor Menino's solution? Ban alcohol outside World Series games. [root]

# Shomer-Tec sells a variety of law enforcement and military equipment. Some of it is restricted, but most is available to anyone via mail order. They sent me a catalog in the mail. Very neat. I especially like their optics and impact weapons sections. The also have a nice selection of knives and tools. The Titanium Charge Card is exceedingly cool. Added to my Arms Manufacturers page.

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