Shotgun Oil Change

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 15 Oct 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From grabbe:
International Terrorist
For the search engines: it's a photo of a scruffy-looking Arab guy next to a photo of President Bush altered to have the cap, beard, and mustache of a scruffy-looking Arab guy. It's titled, "Master of disguise" and captioned, "One of these men is a ruthless international terrorist. The other is Abu Musab al-Zarqawi."

# I took my car on Tuesday morning to an instant oil change place that I frequent. The guy worked on my car while I sat in the waiting room. He came into the waiting room and asked, "Do you have a shotgun?" "Yeah," said I, "Why do you ask?" He replied, "You should take it to the Honda dealer and shoot them. They put your oil filter on so tight that I couldn't get it off." So I called Tom at the Honda dealer, told him about the shotgun recommendation, and made a reservation for them to replace the oil filter. When I sat down in his office yesterday morning, Tom asked, "Did you bring your shotgun?" I said, "No." He replied, "That's too bad. We were looking forward to some excitement this morning." I didn't watch how hard it was, but they managed to replace the filter, and I went on my way.

# Garry Reed, The Loose Cannon Libertarian - Pour Me a Cup of Mental Disorder - commentary on the press to include caffiene addiciton in the bible of mental disorders. Pour that man another cup o' joe.

Funny, isn't it, how people who want everything to be classified as a mental disorder never seem to get around to classifying themselves.

So, using terms these people can comprehend, those who love power are powerphiliacs. Those who become addicted to power are addicto-powerphiliacs.

Here's how their game works: whoever makes the first accusation is automatically the winner. If I accuse you of being an addict and you deny it, you're "in denial," which proves my case. If you defend yourself, you're "being defensive," which proves my case. If you call me an idiot for calling you an addict, you're engaging in an "ad hominem attack," which proves my case. If you demand proof of my accusation, you are revealing an "abnormal and persistent preoccupation with rationality" and are therefore "lacking in compassion, sympathy, or consideration for others," which proves my case. If you just don't give a crap that you're an addict or what harm your addiction might cause you, that means you "lack self-esteem" and "show signs of severe suicidal tendencies," which proves my case. And, if you simply ignore me, that means you suffer "attention deficit disorder" which means you get forcibly medicated, which proves my case.

# Militant Libertarian - Presidential Heroes: Badnarik and Cobb, for crossing the police line at the second Boot on Your Neck Party "debate". [militant]

Obviously, I already liked Michael Badnarik. He is, after all, the Libertarian presidential candidate and is quite likeable in his own right anyway. However, up to this point, I wasn't really sparked by his campaign. I mean, he spouted the usual rhetoric you expect from a Libertarian presidential candidate, though he did have some interesting ways to say some things (making you think, which is a nice change in itself). However, now he's shown he is also a man of ACTION and GUTS too.

David Cobb I can't say as many nice things for. I don't agree with the Green Party position or platform. However, Cobb has shown that he's not just some tree hugger who wants to socialize the world with big talk. He's a man of ACTION and GUTS too.

I like men of ACTION who have GUTS.

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