The Excalibur of the People

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# Zell Miller at The Washington Times - Iwo Jima, if covered by media today - Hilarious. But not applicable to the war on Iraq. The Japanese government attacked America. Iraq did not. Remember. American soldiers committed many atrocities against non-combattants in WWII, inexcusable, unforgivable atrocities. Just as they have done in Iraq. "We're at war" does not cut it as an excuse for killing and maiming babies. [geekwitha.45]
Cutie: "Our military analysts tell us that the Japanese are holed up in caves and miles of connecting tunnels they've built over the years. How will you ever get them out?"

Pfc. Doe: "With flame throwers, ma'am."

Cutie (incredulously): "Flame throwers? You'll burn them alive?"

Pfc. Doe: "Yes ma'am, we'll fry their asses. Excuse me, I shouldn't have said that on TV."

Cutie (audible gasp): "How horrible!"

Pfc. Doe (obviously wanting to move on): "We're at war ma'am."

(A Marine sergeant watching nearby yells, "Ask her what does she want us to do -- sing to them, 'Come out, come out, wherever you are. Pretty please.' "


Cutie: "Yes, of course, but it's all over. (Nervous giggle). Except here on Capitol Hill, of course. Corporal Smith, I wonder if you know the gender, race and ethnicity of the group that put the flag up. In other words, did that group 'look like America?' "

Corporal Smith: "Look like America? They are Americans, ma'am. United States Marines."

Cutie: "Any females?"

Cpl. Smith: "No, ma'am."

Cutie: "Any African Americans?"

Cpl. Smith: "I don't know, ma'am. But there is an Indian in Easy Company."

Cutie: "You mean Native American?"

Cpl. Smith: "Whatever, ma'am, I've got to cut out. My outfit is moving on and we've got a lot to do."

# Sergei Borglum Hoff at The Price of Liberty - The First Law of Nature Demands a Second Amendment: The Excalibur of the People - Glorious! [price]

The following truths must be conveyed to these unrestrained servants of the people: For the preservation of liberty, this nation, self, or family, the First Law of Nature does not require bureaucratic sanction prior to its enforcement by the people. And, whether or not politicians and judges view the Second Amendment as impaired is not a governing factor for the resolute individualist. Further, genuine patriots--those loyal to this nation and the principles of its Constitution--and other adherents of the First Law of Nature, will never be enslaved or deterred as a result of unnatural and unconstitutional laws, regardless of counterfactual Supreme Court judgments. There are 90,000,000-armed Americans (University of Chicago Research Center). Although ten-percent is conceivable (9,000,000), if only one-percent of that number (900,000) begins to energetically react--expertly or not--to human rights violations, there will indeed be ample cause for concern on the part of the unfaithful public servant. As the supreme counterforce to the tyrannical powers of government, our Founding Fathers forged the unyielding Second Amendment--the Excalibur of the people. Those politicians and judges from this subversive tribe and the others now performing their ballet from atop a fence will display a degree of wisdom by briskly restoring constitutional government and justice.


In violation of the Bill of Rights, my state requires the possession of a license that permits me to bear a firearm. As a "compelling state interest," should I not also be required to possess a license that permits me to freely speak or write what is on my mind, a license that permits me to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, or a license that permits me to refrain from incriminating myself? What other unalienable rights should I not be permitted to exercise without a license?


Is the right of individuals to bear firearms of choice, absolute? Yes! Of course it is. The unjustified use of a firearm is an entirely different matter. Our rights do not extend beyond the point where they begin to violate the rights of others. We do not have a right to use firearms for criminal intent. Nor are we permitted to maliciously shout fire in a crowded auditorium. Freedom of speech cannot lawfully be abridged unless used in an unlawfully destructive manner. And, our right to keep and bear arms cannot lawfully be infringed upon except when firearms are used for criminal purposes. Unlawfulness stems from anti-social behavior, not the tools used to achieve the nefarious results. Use of a firearm or any weapon (automobile, knife, poison, baseball bat, and on forever) to violate the rights of others is a felony offense, and has no correlation with the Second Amendment. We have an abundance of laws to control or punish destructive behavior. Criminal use of firearms should be dealt with on an individual basis without penalizing the entire nation for the misdeeds of a few. Preventing citizens from firearm ownership simply because they might violate the rights of others is unconstitutional. In doing so, innocent persons are punished along with the guilty. Rebellious of the aforesaid truths, our government conducts all Americans as suspected criminals.


Although neither decision is related to firearms, they nonetheless settle the question concerning the unconstitutionality of licensing, taxation, or registration of any constitutional right. Laws requiring persons to obtain permission from states to carry concealed firearms are unconstitutional. Seeking permission to exercise a right is absurd. Unconstitutional laws lack legitimacy and should never be obeyed by a free people.


The reality is that you have no right to demand of anyone to risk his or her life in the defense of yours. Obviously, preserving your life is a very personal endeavor requiring sound judgment. Make no mistake! Anyone--regardless of ignorance or intent--who attempts to deprive you of the means or ability to defend the lives of your family is a very real enemy and must be exposed as such. All anti self-defense activists are as deadly a threat to you and your family as any violent criminal, terrorist, or psychopath. Never underestimate the destructive potential of these victim disarmament fanatics, with their inherent theatrical talents for staging mindless mob melodrama. Does the "Million Mom March" rekindle memories of such absurdities? Their actions contributing to the same deadly result, these million goose-stepping moms and many politicians (Bush, Clinton, Lieberman, Schumer, Feinstein, Kennedy, Daschel, Lautenberg, on and on), must all be held accountable for the thousands of American men, women, and children who--through unconstitutional, outlaw legislation--are prevented from defending their lives.

# Russ Stein at - Ignore the Campaign Too - why you should spend not a single second of your time on government, and especially, don't vote. [lew]

I don't own a TV, but I wanted to at least be able to give the impression of being a politically aware guy the next time I ran into this hottie, so on the day of the second presidential debate I tuned into NPR for some conversational material. I lasted about 3 minutes, that's all I could take. I was preoccupied with a freelance article I was trying to finish, and Bush's "mixed signals" (signals? the commonplace is "mixed messages" -- what is wrong with that guy?) were seriously getting on my nerves, so I flipped it off.

Am I wrong? What am I, a bad person because I don't care about the sub-high school civics level nonsense and mass propaganda that passes for political rhetoric in U.S. national campaigns? On the contrary, I think indifference is the way to go; the wave of the future, if you will. In this I'm with the majority, after all, at least in my age demographic.

Here's why I can't be bothered to vote, or pay the slightest bit of attention to the campaign:

The high-tech, digital, capitalist society that I live in, and the obsolete and oppressive U.S. political and legal regime that menaces us and the world, are mutually exclusive. I can fully participate in global digital culture while ignoring the imperial State and its colonial wars and inexplicable crimes, so long as I fly below radar and avoid attracting the attention of the regime's envious, ignorant government officials, police and prosecutors.


Summing up, the only vote I really care to cast is on eBay, when I click the "Buy it Now" button. Or when I find a great writer on a blog or website and use Google to find more of his stuff. Or when I load Linux instead of Windows onto my laptop. Sure, I vote. When I find some great new website, I vote for it with clicks and links. Or I submit articles or queries, or I buy something using my Paypal account.

# Ed Henry at The Price of Liberty - Four More Reasons To Vote For Bush - hehe. [price]

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