2004 Elections for Sale, Current bid: $21.50

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 29 Oct 2004 12:00:00 GMT
sjbasin at eBay - 2004 Elections - United States of America: Every office and official in America - Current bid, $21.50. Surprisingly, this has been there for a week and not yet deleted. Description copied below.
1.) This offer includes everything on the lot, from local animal control officers to the Office of the President of the United States. Regardless of alleged party affiliation, it's all up for grabs; congressional seats, governorships, mayors, even majordomos of the irrigation ditches. Includes all future appointments including 2 Supreme Court Justices. (NOTE THE SINGLE EXCEPTION BELOW *)

2.) You may bid in $US, but payment must be made in Euros, precious metals, or oil certificates as seller does not plan on sticking around after November 2nd with a wad of useless paper in his pocket in the form of US currency.

3.) Seller does not warrant the performance of any official or office purchased in this auction. Seller responsible for their own due diligence, and seller states that prior performance is no guarantee of future results. Seller does state explicitly that each and every office and official has previously responded to cash, and lots of it.

5.) ONE BID TAKES IT ALL. Seller will not separate the lot into individual parts.


For some reason they continue to refuse to sell out. Something to do with the Constitution, Liberty, and Individual Rights. I don't know where they get that stuff.

Anyway, happy bidding. Delivery time and place to be negotiated between seller and the high bidder, sometime after the Supreme Court of the United States pretends to identify some winners.

# Sergei Borglum Hoff at News with Views - Our Fears and Denials Will Enslave Us - Long-winded rant with lots of good points about how the American government, by ignoring its Constitutional bounds, has become totally illegitimate. [sierra]

This government has perpetrated far more damaging assaults on human rights and national dignity than Middle Eastern terrorists could ever hope to achieve. Truthfully, this is a treacherous juncture for us all. We are now witnessing the deaths of courage, human rights, and dignity within our nation. Sovereign citizens are under attack by terrorists, the United Nations, Socialists, gun-ban-zealots, federal police invasion forces, and a multitude of faithless public servants. Have we a rational plan of defense for our families? No! Instead, we hysterically scurry about in a mob, witlessly waving Old Glory with one hand and tossing confetti from the other, while cheering the lynching of Lady Liberty along with our children's unalienable rights. All of which, genuine American patriots by the hundreds of thousands sacrificed their lives in order to preserve.


During the President's inauguration--not unlike millions of other concerned citizens--I enjoyed a brief moment of anticipation. Although my optimism lacked a stable foundation, I envisioned that the integrity of our Constitutional Republic would eventually be restored. Because it was my desire for our next President to possess noble attributes, I foolishly accepted him as a man of prudence and virtuous intent. I welcomed his apparent contrast to the former Oval Office poll-jockey and searched for further reasons to support his presidency. It quickly became evident that George Bush has not stopped nor even impeded our gradual descent into the cesspool of Socialism. He dropped us into a freefall!


Owing to their ineffectual assaults on the citizen defenders of this nation and futile attempts to win the "war on drugs," such draconian legislation was solicited by the Department of Justice years before our buckaroo President wanted Osama bin Laden dead or alive. Because of the present threat, accompanied by government and media reinforced mass hysteria, federal agencies and law enforcement were given all that they demanded. It is about people control; not the eradication of terrorism. It is an insult to the intelligence of patriotic Americans that our President would dare place the label "Patriot" on legislation that is manifestly unconstitutional and particularly harmful to our Constitutional Republic.

# Patricia Reaney of Reuters UK - Civilian death toll in Iraq exceeds 100,000 - and every one of those murders falls on your lap, Mr. Bush. May you rot in hell. [root]

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