Non-Coercive Parenting, Bill of Rights Enforcement

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From samizdata:
"Do you really think that if this were a symbol for a man's most sensitive organ, we would cut one end and set the other end on fire?" -- Ray, a character from Blowing Smoke movie, talking about cigars...

# Wild West Guns - Model 04 - WWG's .500 S&W Magnum lever gun page has some new pictures. Yum. Click on the image for a higher-res version. Visit the link for some close-ups (bottom of page).

Wild West Guns Model 04

# David Salisbury - Non-Coercive Parenting (or A Person is a Person No Matter How Small) - incredible excerpts on communicating with children from How To Argue and Win Every Time: At Home, At Work, In Court, Everywhere, Everyday. Wish I could teach this to my wife. If the world were to learn this lesson, we could end war in two generations. [sunni saltypig]

"In the days of my early parenthood, I had not learned that a relationship is always a mirror--that children cannot respect us if we do not respect them--that if we use power against our children our children will use power in return. I had not yet learned that if we treat our children as friends they will treat us in kind. We do not use power on friends. We do not manipulate or punish friends. We trust friends, love friends, and help friends. We accept friends for who they are. We do not try to change friends. Wed o not try to mold friends into our own image. We do not punish friends for possessing the same instincts, the same raw desires, as friends. Instead we demand that our children, as children, conform to standards we as adults have never been able to meet." p. 244


"How do you argue with a four-year-old who will not eat her cereal? Ask her what she wants to eat. If she wants a tamale, give her a tamale. If she wants candy, simply tell her you don't have any (be sure that's true), and give her another choice. If your goal is to make her hate cereal all her life, make her eat it. How do you argue with a three-year-old who does not want to go to bed? Read the child a story until the child is sleepy. If your goal is to make the school-age child hate learning all of her or her life, force the child to study. If you want her to hate you, force her to obey you. Force and hate are twins." p. 266

# Michael Bradshaw - The United States House of Repeals - a great idea, that has apparently stopped moving. A practical start on L. Neil Smith's Bill of Rights Enrorcement idea as expressed in his 1998 speech, I'm Tired. From the California Ballot Initiative page: [tle]

(3)Every Member of the Legislature or every member of a lesser legislative body who votes in favor of a new or reinstating act which infringes the right of the people to keep and bear arms; or to exercise any right protected by this Constitution or the Federal Constitution; every executive, such as a governor or mayor, who signs such a legislative act with the intent to enforce it as though it were a law; any and all officials, officers, employees, or agents of the State or any of its subdivisions who enforce or attempt to enforce such an act or the repealed provisions of the California Constitution, statutes, ordinances, rules, or regulations; or who bring any civil action on behalf of government, themselves or any other party against any person or business firm based on the exercise of any right or the actions of any other party; or who violate any provision of this section, shall be guilty of a felony. The above described voting, signing, enforcing, or bringing of civil action shall constitute a separate violation for each instance of offense against each individual victim so affected. This offense shall be punished by a mandatory sentence of ten years in the state prison at hard labor and a fine of ten thousand dollars. The fines paid and all proceeds from the labor of the offender while in custody shall be applied entirely to restitution for the victims of the offense. Any amount of such fine or proceeds from labor that exceeds the amount of the judgment shall be paid to the victim as further restitution in addition to the judgment. Multiple convictions or convictions for multiple violations shall result in one such mandatory sentence for each conviction or violation. Multiple sentences of imprisonment shall be served consecutively without release. There shall be no parole, or release for any other reason, before the end of the tenth year of: the sentence for a single violation or the final sentence for multiple violations. To insure a fair trial by an impartial jury; the trial shall be by a randomly selected jury of the defendant's peers. In the trial the jurors may not be subject to voir dire beyond a strict determination of a direct interest in the case. In the trial of this offense the jurors will be instructed by the judge as to their right and power of jury nullification; to judge both the law and the fact according to principles of justice and conscience; and to acquit for any reason or for none. There shall be no restriction on the defense as to the nature or grounds of argument or evidence. Every person convicted under this section shall be disqualified to hold and enjoy any office of honor, trust or profit under the State of California. The criminal sanctions set forth in this section are not subject to any statute of limitations. The above described voting, signing, enforcing, or bringing of civil action, by any or all legislators, officials, officers, employees, or agents of the State or any of its subdivisions, in each instance committed against each individual victim so affected on or before the date of adoption by the electors of this section are subject to civil action or prosecution under the common law or the laws then pertinent, or both civil action and criminal prosecution, for violations of civil rights and other crimes against persons or property; and no statute of limitations shall apply to any such civil action or prosecution.

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