August 2004

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Sunday, 1 August: Marlins Posed

Monday, 2 August: Happy August Tuesday, 3 August: The League of Filthy Unfair Bitch Voters Wednesday, 4 August: Loompanics Banned at Liberty Post Thursday, 5 August: Firefly Friday, 6 August: House of Peace Invaded by Gummint Goons Saturday, 7 August: No More Entrapment Sunday, 8 August: Amtrak Overrun by JBTs Monday, 9 August: Hanes Tagless T-Shirt Tuesday, 10 August: Half Past Claire Wolfe Wednesday, 11 August: Police State USA Thursday, 12 August: Moore / Bush in 2004 Friday, 13 August: The Check Point Nullification Project Saturday, 14 August: One Ragged Hole for Marlin Lever Guns Sunday, 15 August: Jethro Tull Touring U.S. in November Monday, 16 August: Power Corrupts Tuesday, 17 August: The Law of the Sea Wednesday, 18 August: Angels and Demons Thursday, 19 August: H110 Friday, 20 August: Why We Need Government. Not! Saturday, 21 August: Hunter Gets a Misdemeanor Plea Sunday, 22 August: I Want YOU to Bend Over! Monday, 23 August: Wild West Guns Model 04: 500 S&W Lever Action Rifle Tuesday, 24 August: "Price-Gouging" Rocks! Wednesday, 25 August: Keep Your Jesus off My Penis Thursday, 26 August: Stop Using That Varmint Cartridge Friday, 27 August: Be Like Diogenes Saturday, 28 August: MALL * WART Sunday, 29 August: One Hole Sight Range Test, First NYC Protest Arrests Monday, 30 August: W Ketchup Tuesday, 31 August: Ammunition Registration in Kalifornia

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