Moore / Bush in 2004

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Thu, 12 Aug 2004 12:00:00 GMT
Walt Handelsman at The Militant Libertarian - Statue of Liberty Reopens - cartoon commentary on the sekurity around the newly reopened symbol of liberty. [militant]

# - Fahrenheit 2004 - Flash animation on why you should vote the Moore/Bush ticket in 2004. Hehe. I saw on the road yesterday, a "Kennedy/Johnson" poster in a car window. That was 1960, maybe the last time the owner of the car remembers when there was a major party candidate for president that he could actually vote for. [khalid]

# Charley Hardman - cool scope gouge - some tips from Leopold on sighting in and estimating distances with your scope. And this: [saltypig]

interesting to note that i did much of my initial scope geeking on top of a tall office building where i worked -- 1,300 yards from the US capitol, and 2 months after 9/11. i looked through my new scope for hours, over 2 or 3 different sessions, with clear access to areas where the ruling class roams. in all the hypersensitive hooplah, nobody noticed a guy on a roof peering through a rifle scope and taking notes -- probably because i didn't have fingernail clippers in my pocket.

# Anthony Gregory at Strike the Root - What Government Is - a poem. Bravo! [smith2004]

# Mark Morford at The San Francisco Chronicle - Time To Get Out The Bush - in case you didn't already know, why Bush and company must go. Introduces (to me), where you can pledge to vote for anybody but Bush in exchange for sex. Hehe. [root]

Hell, it's getting so you can't turn a corner or have a nuanced, humane thought without confronting another hunk of undeniable proof that what these media documents say is true: The Bush administration is quite possibly the most economically destructive, environmentally devastating, ethically corrupt, internationally loathed, deliberately tyrannical, worst-dressed administration in American history.

What, too harsh? Hardly.


This, then, is how you know it's time for a serious change. When you can feel it in your bones, when you finally attune and really listen to the underlying messages and dig deep into your own spirit and discover that no, this isn't the way the world is supposed to work. This is not the way the country has to be.

This is not the way the world's greatest superpower is supposed to behave, this bitter metallic taste that leaps into my mouth whenever I see a picture of BushCo isn't really supposed to be there, the vice president isn't supposed to make children cry and flowers wilt and the gods recoil in disgust.

# is planning a protest at the World Trade Center site to ring out the Republicans. They recommend wearing bells every day and organizing your own protests. [whatreallyhappened]

# Ran HaCohen at - Don't Call it a Wall - Israel's "wall" around Palestinean settlements will turn some of them into concentration camps.

Israel's wall

# Novell's Mono Project is an open source, cross-platform (Linux, MacOS, Windows) .NET implementation. Version 1.01 was released on August 9. [cafe]

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