The League of Filthy Unfair Bitch Voters

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Tue, 03 Aug 2004 12:00:00 GMT
Rocky Frisco - is a site set up by Rocky Frisco to protest the practices of the League of Women Voters. I salute him for creating it. [smith2004]

# R. Victor Stewart at the Albany (NY) Times Union - Remember, shovels don't dig holes; people with shovels dig holes - Mr. Stewart couldn't get 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool Sportsman's Guide to ship a 5-in-1 Multi-Purpose Tool to his house in New York. Strange. I've had knives shipped to me, though not since 9/11. The product's catalog page says that it "cannot be shipped to California", but says nothing about New York. Looked useful. I ordered one through the web site. No problems. Must be some Albany law. Or sneaky marketing...

I was delighted when the operator told me they were in stock. Then I went into shock. After giving the operator all the appropriate and required information, she informed me, "I'm sorry but we cannot ship that item to your ZIP code."

"What," I said, "It's a shovel. Why can't I get a shovel?"

"Sir, the law says we can't ship it to New York because it has a blade with it," she said.

"The blade is a saw. It's not a weapon. It's a shovel," I said.

Then I tried a tactic I thought was ingenious.

"If, I have it shipped to my sister in Vermont, can I order it?"

"No, sir, it would still be on your credit card in a New York ZIP code."

I can't reveal how I resolved this issue. However, I am getting my shovel. I don't want my family, friends and associates to be subject to interrogatories from John Ashcroft and his associates, so some secrets will have to be kept.

# Old Horseman - Little Dachau... - essay, with lots of photos, on the concentration camp free speech zone in Boston last week. [smith2004]

But I don't think protecting the politicians is really the point of all this. They're just getting us accustomed to the idea of concentration camps, armored stormtrooper goon squads, and public beatings.

And it's working. Very little has been made of the horrific concept of Little Dachau in Boston... The Press is too busy getting all weak-kneed and panty-moist over IMPEACHED President Clinton's wonderful speech. (I haven't heard anyone report what he said. Just that the way he said it was ever so dreamy.)

New York City is showing off some nifty Armored Personnel Carriers they'll have handy for the Republican shindig. The police have made a complete transition from Peace Officers into Militarized Enforcement Officers, and the press couldn't care less. They're reporting on the DNC like it was an actual news event... It isn't! It's just a big party to get free advertisement for the Establishment candidates. We've known that Kerry was going to be the nominee for months now. We've known Edwards would be second banana for weeks. Are the party players going to say anything we didn't already know? Hell no. But the press will reflect and replay and ruminate over every word said by all the damned partisan cheerleaders who get up on the podium. Meanwhile, the real news is pretty much ignored.

The real news is that the American Constitutional Republic is doomed. I thought that maybe there was some hope of saving it (resurrecting it?) until recently. But when the Liberal Mecca of Massachusetts, and the Democratic Party which claims to worship the old hippy protesters and Civil Rights marchers, build concrete, chain link, and razor wire CAGES to deal with those who want to publicly disagree with them, it is friggin' OVER folks.

# Michael Badnarik - Left Turn At Albuquerque: Not So Fast, Says Badnarik - press release about an anti-war commercial (Windows Media Player, looks like they didn't get the mime types right on their server, so if you're not using Internet Explorer, you may need to copy the link and paste it into the "Open URL..." dialog in Windows Media Player). Kerry supporting the war could easily send a lot of Democrats to Badnarik. [smith2004]

# Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership - Free Stuff from JPFO - PDF version of a target of Hitler with the caption "All in favor of 'gun control' raise your right hand" and the Brasco the Liberty Bear Coloring/Story book, Making Firearms Safety Fun. [jpfo]

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