Why We Need Government. Not!

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 20 Aug 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From The Federalist:
Vice President Dick Cheney attacked John Kerry saying that he "lacks deeply held convictions". Today Kerry shot back, "That's not completely true." -- Jay Leno

# Thomas J. DiLorenzo at LewRockwell.com - Lincoln's 'Great Crime': The Arrest Warrant for the Chief Justice - when Abe Lenin first suspended habeus corpus, he was called to task by the Chief Justice, Roger B. Taney, who rightly proclaimed that only Congress had the authority to suspend habeus corpus. So what did Lincoln do? He issued an arrest warrant for Justice Taney. [lew]

As Adams writes, the Lincoln Cult is terrified that this truth will become public knowledge, for it if does, it means that Lincoln "destroyed the separation of powers; destroyed the place of the Supreme Court in the Constitutional scheme of government. It would have made the executive power supreme, over all others, and put the president, the military, and the executive branch of government, in total control of American society. The Constitution would have been at an end."

Exactly right.

# Michael Donaldson at boingboing via Xeni Jardin - Hurricane Charley report from Q-Burns Abstract Message - why we need government. Not! Also some links to images and a Windows Media time lapse video of the storm in Orlando. [lrtdiscuss]

The storm was followed by eerie silence and the even eerier sight of my neighborhood residents walking the lightless streets, Night Of The Living Dead-style, surveying the damage. A friend of mine owned a bar that miraculously had power so after a few phone calls we convened there 90 minutes after the hurricane's end. About 60 people showed and I started playing records and doing vodka shots. This had the makings of a really nice party as a ton of frustration and stress was being expelled by all. We were stopped at about 1 AM by a number of cops who claimed the city was in a state of emergency and there was a curfew in effect all over the city. We either left the party or we were to be arrested. Thus we were ordered to tipsily navigate the darkened, traffic light-less, wreckage covered streets to our hot, powerless, and, in some cases, devastated homes. You think the 'man' would give us a break.

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