The Check Point Nullification Project

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Fri, 13 Aug 2004 12:00:00 GMT
From saltypig:
"That was cute when Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry started his acceptance speech by snapping a salute and saying he was 'reporting for duty.' Cute, but not quite truthful. If he becomes president, we will be expected to carry out his commands. It's only in democratic folklore that government is the servant and the people the master." -- Sheldon Richman

# Critter - The Check Point Nullification Project is now up and running. It's not complete yet, but the idea is fully described. If you see a checkpoint, get out of sight, and put up a sign. Photograph the sign if you have time and ability, and send it in for posting on the site. [claire]

Check Point Nullification Project

# mephron at Sea and Sky and Land - GRRR! - an account of a ferry sekurity agent attempting to confiscate an "inappropriate" book. The author successfully convinced the goon that the appropriateness of a book was not within the scope of his authority, at least not this time. I posted the following comment: [root]

Well done!

Your only mistake was in telling the goon that confiscating a gun or a knife or a nail file might be for your safety. Bombs have no place on ferries, but guns and knives are tools that are as useful for defense as they are for offense. Had you been carrying a gun or a knife and had he taken it away from you, you would have been less safe. If you were good at using these tools, and if you knew the proper circumstances in which to lawfully use them, taking them from you would have made everyone on the ferry less safe.

# Crime Scene Cleaners cleans up messes that nobody else wants to touch. After you fill the goon who breaks into your house with double-zero buck, and the state takes away his corpse (some states do, some don't), you're still left with a disgusting mess. Who you gonna call? Crime Scene Cleaners. The founder was interviewed yesterday on Wakin' Up with the Wolf, one of the morning drive-time shows in my area. Wolf and Mulrooney promised to put up some photos at the web site, but I can't find them today. [wolf]

# Auctioning for Google's IPO opens this morning. They expect to announce pricing on Monday. It's too late to become a bidder in today's auction, but you can purchase shares on Monday if you are a U.S. person. [survivalarts]

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