Keep Your Jesus off My Penis

Submitted by Bill St. Clair on Wed, 25 Aug 2004 12:00:00 GMT
# Eric Schwarz - Keep Your Jesus off my Penis - various video and audio formats of an hilarious song that was played (with a few bleeps) on yesterday's Wakin' Up with the Wolf morning drive-time show on PYX 106. The Windows Media Player version is 8.7 megs. A sample:
Keep your Jesus off my penis.
Keep your Bible off my balls.
Keep your prayers outa my ears
And your crosses off my walls.

You can keep the Virgin Mother
And the resurrection too.
Keep your Jesus off my penis.
I'll keep my penis offa you.


So you're screamin' bloody murder
'Bout the Taliban regime.
Their subjugatin' women
And bein' too extreme.
And basin' legislation
On some ancient holy book.
That sound a bit familiar?
Here's America. Have a look!


Keep your Jesus off my penis.
I'll keep my pe-nis of-fa youuuuuuu.
(That's iffin you want me to).

# Fran Tully - Can you help me understand how gun ownership helps? - level the playing field vs. street vermin, keep gummint in its place, personal responsibility. Don't get a permit, EVER. "Through a private sale is the only way I would ever suggest getting a gun." [saltypig]

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